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How to publish an "about" message on Secure Scuttlebutt
ssb_id="$(if command -v jq >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then ssb-server whoami | jq -r .id ; else ssb-server whoami | grep id | cut -d\" -f4 ; fi)"
ssb-server publish --type about --about "$ssb_id" --name "JonTheNiceGuy" --description "Linux advocating geek. Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer since 2018. Blogging @ [](
[Twitter](|[FB](|[LinkedIn]( @ JonTheNiceGuy
🗺️ [Glossop, Derbyshire, UK : Maidenhead Grid: IO93ak]( - Amateur Radio Callsign: [G7VRI](
SameAs [Blog](@EFWzZK2K+b++CbBszsVkAB+WHlRJtX2kX8ynaJp0nHA=.ed25519), [Mobile](@3SEA7qNZQPiYFCzY6K57f0LTc9l+Bk6cewQc6lbs/Ek=.ed25519), [Laptop 1](@p3gu8eLHxXC0cuvZ0yXSC05ZROB4X7dpxGCEydIHZ0o=.ed25519), [Laptop 2](@3xnWXOEsfSNvazULuT54WL8AxGcUNCRyBPbCWcR/1ow=.ed25519), [Tablet](@ayUZ+IXBH8zX0HLk8A6h9YzIGy+LKy/RDIKJOT/xeVQ=.ed25519), [ Pub](@xp+ZlMOuhjiDHywThMB8pPsGvWjZH7qFKnRK8Y/0VTE=.ed25519)"
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