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JoostImpink /
Created Jul 1, 2016
Macro to create dummy variables (non-missing values only)
/* Helper macro to make dummy variables
Note: it is not robust for missing values
%macro createDummyVars(dsin=, var=, newvar=);
proc sql noprint;
select distinct &var. into :mvals separated by '|'
from &dsin.;
/* Number of unique values */
%let mdim=&sqlobs;
JoostImpink /
Created May 17, 2016
Hayn 1995 replicate table 4b assignment
proc sort data=g_sample_wins; by gvkey;run;
proc reg data= g_sample_wins;
model ret = e_p ;
ods output ParameterEstimates = regout_1a FitStatistics = regout_1b;
/* adding by gvkey will result in separate regressions for each firm */
by gvkey;
JoostImpink /
Last active Mar 20, 2017
Google vs industry MTB benchmark
/* Example of how to use SAS to retrieve data from WRDS
Computing market-to-book ratio for years 2000-, and benchmark it against
other firms in the industry */
/* this piece of code makes a connection of your SAS instance with WRDS remote server */
%let wrds = 4016;options comamid = TCP remote=WRDS;
signon username=_prompt_;
/* any code executed on WRDS needs to go in a remote submit block, for example: */
JoostImpink /
Created May 13, 2016
Hayn 1995 replica, table 4
/* Regressions */
/* Some variables need to be created */
data g_sample;
set b_sample;
/* earnings per share scaled by beginning of year stock price */
e_p = epspx / prcc_f_lag;
/* change in eps scaled by boy stock price */
ch_e_p = (epspx - epspx_lag) / prcc_f_lag;
/* keep observations with no missings */
JoostImpink /
Created May 13, 2016
Hayn 1995 replica, table 3
/* For each size decile: compute #firm-years and #losses */
/* Create size deciles */
proc rank data = b_sample out = e_ranked groups = 10;
var size;
ranks size_d ;
/* Add 1 to rank (0-9 => 1-10) */
data e_ranked;
JoostImpink /
Created May 13, 2016
Hayn 1995 replica, table 2
/* Table 2
Use firms that have at least 8 years of data
Count the number of loss-years
/* For each gvkey, count the #loss-years */
proc sql;
create table d_table2_a as
select gvkey, sum(loss) as lossYears from b_sample
/* gvkey must be in the following table */
where gvkey IN (
JoostImpink /
Created May 13, 2016
Hayn 1995 replica, table 1
/* Table 1
Left panel shows by year the #obs, and the #loss years
Right panel shows the same, but for firms that were in the sample from 1968
through 1990 (23 years)
/* Left panel */
/* Using SQL */
proc sql;
JoostImpink /
Last active Oct 5, 2017
Hayn 1995 replica, code to construct sample
/* We need to make a sample for US listed firms with fiscal years 1962-1990
From Compustat Funda we need:
- gvkey Firm identifier
- datadate End of fiscal year
- fyear Fiscal year
- epspx EPS before extraordinary items
- prcc_f Price at fiscal year end
- csho Common shares outstanding end of year (to compute market cap)
JoostImpink / intraday_return_SEC_filings.R
Last active Apr 24, 2016
Intraday return for SEC filings
View intraday_return_SEC_filings.R
## For each SEC filing stock return in the interval [time - before, time + after] is measured
# Set constants
before <- 0
after <- 7200
# load Grokit Nanex library
# Load dataset with 8-K filings (symbol and timestamp)s
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