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Created May 3, 2016 18:20
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private static void CorProcess_OnFunctionRemapOpportunity(object sender, CorFunctionRemapOpportunityEventArgs e)
//A remap opportunity is where the runtime can hijack the thread IP from the old version of the code and
//put it in the new version of the code. However the runtime has no idea how the old IL relates to the new
//IL, so it needs the debugger to tell it which new IL offset in the updated IL is the semantically equivalent of
//old IL offset the IP is at right now.
Console.WriteLine("The debuggee has hit a remap opportunity at: " + e.OldFunction + ":" + e.OldILOffset);
//I have no idea what this new IL looks like either, but lets start at the beginning of the method once again
int newILOffset = e.OldILOffset;
var canSetIP = e.Thread.ActiveFrame.CanSetIP(newILOffset);
Console.WriteLine("Can set IP to: " + newILOffset + " : " + canSetIP);
Console.WriteLine("Continuing the debuggee in the updated IL at IL offset: " + newILOffset);
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