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Lando Laravel/PyroCMS Recipe
# Lando is configured based on ‘recipes’ as config files. Paste the content below into a file .lando.yml.
# This recipe installs a LAMP stack, composer, artisan(sorta), and Node/npm.
# Check out my Lando ZSH plugin for greater efficiency:
# URL:
name: {{ project_name_here }}
recipe: laravel
webroot: public
# Node version 6.10
type: node
# Note that most deps should be installed by the normal npm install, this is
# for things like gulp/grunt cli that are global dependencies
gulp-cli: "latest"
bower: "latest"
webpack: "latest"
npm: "latest"
#this is necessary to port commands in.
# This makes available 'lando npm' to run the 'npm' command.
service: node
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