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Joyce Chinyere Obi

Lagos, Nigeria


Michael Okpara University Abia State

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition | May 2015

  • President, Nutrition Students' Association - 2014 set


Android Beginner Course | 2016

  • learned fundamentals of programming in the android platform

Google Africa Challenge Scholarship in partnership with Udacity | 2017

  • Learned advance computer science concepts
  • Built a weather app


Fullstack JavaScript Web Development Bootcamp | Dec 2018

  • Gained knowledge in full-stack JS web development using PREN stack

  • Learned how to build and deploy a web app


Software Developer Intern

Grit Systems Engineering

Lagos, Nigeria

June 2017 - November 2017

An Embedded System Engineering Start-up

  • Helped develop & design in-house website
  • Provided documentation for existing programs
  • Provided customer support

Freelance Software Developer

Lagos, Nigeria


Collaborated with others to build web applications

  • Improved my skill and knowledge by working with others to build real-life applications
  • Consulted clients on how to improve their websites
  • Continued learning using sites such as Cousera, Freecodecamp

Software Developer


Lagos, Nigeria

March 2019 - September 2019

Software company that builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers.

  • Worked with Client application and product development teams
  • Implemented software solutions using web and mobile technologies
  • Assisted in designing architecture of solutions using third-party application program interfaces, services and software libraries.
  • Seeking and assessing new technology solutions to challenges identified by Client.
  • Engaging in ongoing training and professional development as directed by Company.


Project management tools and Processes

Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Git, Jira, Agile Software Development, Continues Deployment tools

Languages and tools

JavaScript, Python, PostgresSql, Express.js, ReactJS, NodeJS, HTML, CSS/SASS, Flask

Personal Projects



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