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JulianBirch / sprang.clj
Created Sep 23, 2013
Recursively dependent types
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(ns sprang
(:require [clojure.core.typed :refer :all]))
(declare-protocols IValidator)
(ann-record ValidationError [validator :- IValidator
value :- Any])
(defrecord ValidationError [validator value])
; TODO: Figure out how to make occurrence typing type :errors
(ann-record ValidationResult
JulianBirch / Acrostic.txt
Created Aug 22, 2012
Scrum described without using the word stupid.
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Scrum is a best-practice software development methodology.
There are many advantages to using it in an enterprise development environment.
Unlike other methodologies, such as extreme programming, there is no need to change coding practices.
Project Managers will therefore find it easy to adopt and incorporate into their existing workflows.
Iterations with strict time-limited sprints greatly improve productivity.
Developer participation is enforced through the use of constant stand-up meetings.
JulianBirch / redirect.clj
Created Dec 14, 2011
Dealing with redirects across schemes in Ring
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[ring.util.response :as res]))
; This is the code I've currently got doing redirects between http and https
(def port-override {})
(def standard-ports {:http 80 :https 443})
(defn set-override [scheme port]
(if-not (= port (standard-ports scheme))
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### This assumes that appsettings configurationpath was equal to delta.rb
ext "fixConnection" do
senderCompId "IOM"
targetCompId "JEFNET"
heartbeatInterval 60
reconnectInterval 1
protocolVersion "FIX.4.2"
shouldCheckLatency false
isInitiator true
View RSpecRunner.cs
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Text;
using IronRuby.Builtins;
using IronRuby.Runtime;
using Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting;
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using System;
namespace ColourCoding.Parallel
public interface IConsumer : IDisposable
bool Wakeup();
public interface IConsumer<TShard> : IConsumer
where TShard : class
View lein.ps1
#requires -version 2
# NB lein -? will give help for the powershell script
# lein help will give command help for Leiningen
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position = 0, HelpMessage = "The command to pass to Leiningen")]
[Parameter(HelpMessage = "The version of Clojure to run. Needs to be compatible with the version of Leiningen or strange things can happen.")]
[string]$clojureVersion = "1.1.0", # e.g. 1.2.0-master-20100430.160229-59
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