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var React = require('react');
var Router = require('react-router'); // or var Router = ReactRouter; in browsers
var DefaultRoute = Router.DefaultRoute;
var Link = Router.Link;
var Route = Router.Route;
var RouteHandler = Router.RouteHandler;
var AppController = require('./controllers/AppController.react');
var HomeController = require('./controllers/HomeController.react');
var TeamController = require('./controllers/TeamController.react');
var TeamOverviewController = require('./controllers/TeamOverviewController.react');
var TeamProjectController = require('./controllers/TeamProjectController.react');
var routes = (
<Route handler={AppController} path="/">
<DefaultRoute name="home" handler={HomeController} />
<Route name="team" path="team/:teamName" handler={TeamController}>
<DefaultRoute name="team-overview" handler={TeamOverviewController} />
<Route name="team-project" path="project/:projectName" handler={TeamProjectController} />
module.exports = routes;
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