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GrampsGif no jutsu
1) open file in photoshop
2) open window -> timeline
3) delete frames that are irrelevant by clicking on them and pressing delete (trim the video to appropriate gif length)
4) press `C` to use the crop tool
5) right click on the image and select square crop (uniform)
6) crop the image to a square and make sure it includes all the good parts of the gif as it plays out
7) dont be afraid to crop out tops of people heads if it means you get more important parts as a result
8) if the gif is too dark, go to `layers->new adjustment layer->exposure`
9) pull this adjustment layer to the top of the layer stack, ramp up the exposure until gif is appropriately bright
10) press `CMD+ALT+SHIFT+S` or `file->export->save for web`
11) under presets pick gif
12) no dither, enable transparency
13) set image size to 120x120 to start
14) your target export is <120px squared, < 62.0kb in size
15) adjust the color bit depth to start reducing the size of the gif
16) dont reduce colors so much that the gif loses its essence (this will vary gif by gif)
17) reduce size to lower kb (in general 1-2 second gifs can be 80-100 px, longer gifs will be closer to 50-60px, color information will change that too)
18) quality should be bilinear for most gifs, nearest neighbor for animation or cartoons
19) dont forget to set looping option to `forever` before exporting
20) if you still cant make the gif smaller than 62 kb you will have to go back and crop it more or trim the length
21) one last resort is making the gif lossy (i dont like to do this but sometimes its your only option) theres a slider called lossy you can adjust during export
21) good luck (edited)
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