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From How to Track HTML5 Audio Player with Google Tag Manager and GA at:
// This listener is based on David Vallejo's HTML5 video listener,
// Edited by Julius Fedorovicius,
// Let's wrap everything inside a function so variables are not defined as globals
(function() {
// This is gonna our percent buckets ( 10%-90% )
var divisor = 10;
// We're going to save our players status on this object.
var audios_status = {};
// This is the funcion that is gonna handle the event sent by the player listeners
function eventHandler(e) {
switch (e.type) {
// This event type is sent everytime the player updated it's current time,
// We're using for the % of the audio played.
case 'timeupdate':
// Let's set the save the current player's audio time in our status object
audios_status[].current = Math.round(;
// We just want to send the percent events once
var pct = Math.floor(100 * audios_status[].current /;
for (var j in audios_status[]._progress_markers) {
if (pct >= j && j > audios_status[].greatest_marker) {
audios_status[].greatest_marker = j;
// current bucket hasn't been already sent to GA?, let's push it to GTM
if (audios_status[].greatest_marker && !audios_status[]._progress_markers[audios_status[].greatest_marker]) {
audios_status[]._progress_markers[audios_status[].greatest_marker] = true;
'event': 'audio',
'audioPlayerAction': 'Progress %' + audios_status[].greatest_marker,
// We are using sanitizing the current audio src string, and getting just the audio name part
'audioTitle': decodeURIComponent('/')['/').length - 1])
// This event is fired when user's click on the play button
case 'play':
'event': 'audio',
'audioPlayerAction': 'play',
'audioTitle': decodeURIComponent('/')['/').length - 1])
// This event is fied when user's click on the pause button
case 'pause':
'event': 'audio',
'audioPlayerAction': 'pause',
'audioTitle': decodeURIComponent('/')['/').length - 1]),
'audioValue': audios_status[].current
// If the user ends playing the audio, an Finish audio will be pushed ( This equals to % played = 100 )
case 'ended':
'event': 'audio',
'audioPlayerAction': 'finished',
'audioTitle': decodeURIComponent('/')['/').length - 1])
// We need to configure the listeners
// Let's grab all the the "audio" objects on the current page
var audios = document.getElementsByTagName('audio');
for (var i = 0; i < audios.length; i++) {
// In order to have some id to reference in our status object, we are adding an id to the audio objects
// that don't have an id attribute.
var audioTagId;
if (!audios[i].getAttribute('id')) {
// Generate a random alphanumeric string to use is as the id
audioTagId = 'html5_audio_' + Math.random().toString(36).slice(2);
audios[i].setAttribute('id', audioTagId);
}// Current audio has alredy a id attribute, then let's use it <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src="" alt="?" />
else {
audioTagId = audios[i].getAttribute('id');
// audio Status Object declaration
audios_status[audioTagId] = {};
// We'll save the highest percent mark played by the user in the current audio.
audios_status[audioTagId].greatest_marker = 0;
// Let's set the progress markers, so we can know afterwards which ones have been already sent.
audios_status[audioTagId]._progress_markers = {};
for (j = 0; j < 100; j++) {
audios_status[audioTagId].progress_point = divisor * Math.floor(j / divisor);
audios_status[audioTagId]._progress_markers[audios_status[audioTagId].progress_point] = false;
// On page DOM, all players currentTime is 0
audios_status[audioTagId].current = 0;
// Now we're setting the event listeners.
audios[i].addEventListener("play", eventHandler, false);
audios[i].addEventListener("pause", eventHandler, false);
audios[i].addEventListener("ended", eventHandler, false);
audios[i].addEventListener("timeupdate", eventHandler, false);
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