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This is a simple way to detect critical erros in synchronous code. Not sure if genuis or stupid.
function detect( fn, err){
var flag = true;
if(flag) err();
flag = false;
// example with error
detect( function(){
}, function(){
console.log("ZOMG, an error occured!");
// example without error
detect( function(){
return 1+1;
}, function(){
// wont be executed
console.log("ZOMG, an error occured!");

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commented Jun 14, 2013

I've tested out the performance of this approach using I determined two things...

  1. The detect() approach does not appear to actually detect errors, at least in the context of's test runner (please edit the test case on if I set something up wrong).
  2. For the case in which there is no error thrown, the standard try/catch approach is much, much faster.

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