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@Kami Kami/gist:818383

Created Feb 9, 2011
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PyPy benchmark example code
import sys
import time
import waxeye
from ckparser import Parser
p = Parser()
queries = [
# Simple queries
'node:"foo bar"',
'tag:"foo bar"',
# Advanced queries
'node:foo AND tag:bar',
'node:foo AND tag:bar OR provider:AWS',
'node:"foo bar" OR tag:"bar foo" AND provider:"gogrid" OR tag:dev',
'node:"foo bar" OR tag:"bar foo" AND (provider:"gogrid" OR tag:db)',
'node:"foo bar" OR tag:"bar foo" AND -(provider:"gogrid" OR tag:-db)'
start = time.time()
for x in range (0, 10000):
for query in queries:
ast = p.parse(query)
end = time.time()
diff = end - start
print '%s' % diff
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