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快速拒絕 Drupal LDO 建議

主要針對錯誤匯入 PO

  1. 將 Limit 設為 50

  2. 將 Submitted by 為匯入者,例 "Multiple contributors"

  3. 將 Status 設為 "Has suggestion"

  4. DEMO:

  5. 執行:

    jQuery('.actions li.declined .form-checkbox').show()
    	var foundAuthor = jQuery(this).find('.author .l10n-more-link').text().indexOf('Multiple contributors');
    	if(foundAuthor !== -1) {
    		jQuery(this).find('.declined [type="checkbox"]').click()
  6. 人肉快速 SCAN 確保沒出錯

  7. Save changes

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