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Dark Gaming FAQ

This Gist covers the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) and Basics of DG

By KceGio

Special Thanks to Quinci

Table of Contents

  1. Accounts
  2. Account Management
  3. Trading System(DTP)
  4. Forums
  5. Server/Gamemodes
  6. Phase
  7. Bans & Appeals


Q: Do I need an account?

A: An account is not really needed to play Zombies, PvE, PvP, etc, BUT it is required for Survival

Q: How do I register?

A: To register an account you MUST be in rift(/rift), then do /register <password>, after that do /login <password>

Q: How do I play with another name but same account?

A: Join the server with another name(or go to Rift(/rift) and do /rename <new name>) then do /login <Account Username> <Password>. <Account Username> represents the name you registered with. i.e. I registered with a character named AveryClone, and I want to play with the name BlancIsEbic, I'd simply join the server with that name or go to Rift(/rift) then do /rename BlancIsEbic and do /login AveryClone MyPassword123. Alternatively, you can use /selfname command to apply temporary renaming(wears off when you go to another dimension or exit the server)(doesn't work on survival)(How do I get it? Read Trading System)


Q: /register says I already own an account

A: Aslong as you have logged in ATLEAST 1 time into your account, you can simply do /rename <name the /register command tells you> then /login without password(this is ofcourse assuming you have the same IP, Computer and Client-UUID), but if you haven't already logged in atleast one time, do /login <password> instead of /login without a password

Q: /register says my name is already registered

A: Simply do /rename <new name> to get another name and register again

Account Management

Q: I want to change my password

A: To change your password, do /password in any Non-SSC TShock server(Build, PvP, PvE)(Survival, Rift, SpecialItems, Items are excluded). i.e. My password is B1235 and I want to change it to Avery I'd do /password B1235 Avery

Q: I voted but I got nothing!

A: Voting ONLY gives you rewards when you are the member of DTP(read below)


The server has a few Dimensions(A term with mixed definitions, in a nutshell, it's an instance of a server). You can join other dimensions by doing /<dimension name uncapitalized>, if I want to join Survival, I'd do /survival and if I want to join Build I'd do /build. You can also join other dimensions by using the warp plates in Rift

Minigames : PvE, PvP, Build, Survival, Zombies

Others : Items, Special Items, Archives(5 dimensions), and AutoSurvival


PvE is a dimension where you kill mobs and bosses, either for fun or to get DP and XP, it has a few warps in spawn, but if you're do lazy to walk, just do /warp list

Q: Why won't the bosses Spawn?

A: You don't say the commands on the sign, you just break the orange-colored sign

A2: There's a cooldown active, cooldowns are listed on the sign as seconds


A: No, thats not a hacker, thats a bot to prevent Moon Lord from going elsewhere in the PvE dimension


The server's PvP is different, it is modified, some items like Meowmere or Nebula Arcanum are banned(not in a way where TShock freezes you, rather your chat get spammed with the item is banned and it does not deal damage) to make it more balanced


This is the dimension where you get to see cool builds, to build in this dimension, you must have Crew


Survival is pretty much the generic survival with a few exceptions, survival resets every week, the world is reset every 12 hours(boss data is wiped), there are warps such as dungeon, locean(left ocean), rocean(right ocean). An account IS REQUIRED to play on Survival


Zombies is the only "minigame" in the server, it involves a wave of monsters every round that you have to survive. Zombies unlike Pedguin Minigame Server's Invasion(We did it first ok!) has classes and modified weapons(depends on maps, newer maps have a higher chance to have modified items)

Hardcore Zombies, hardcore zombies gives more XP and DP but, if you get hit by a zombie you die instantly, HP Chests are replaced with Life Chests(buy life so you won't die instantly when you get hit by a zombie), you can join hardcore zombies by doing /j z -hc in the gamemodes lobby

Private Lobbies, basically a private version of the normal lobby, only invited people can join. Do /j z -p in the gamemodes lobby to join

Custom Lobbies, a lobby you can customize, changing the arena, amount of HP, etc., they are automatically private. You can't use this type of lobby for gaining DP or XP. Do /j z -c in the gamemodes lobby to join

Q: How can I join my friend?

A: You can't

Q: How can I invite my friend?

A: /invite <your friend's name>, you don't have to put your friend's full name, if you have a friend named AveryClone222 you can just do /invite A or /invite Avery instead of /invite AveryClone222

Q: Can anyone else see the lobby chat?

A: No, only your lobbymates can see the lobby chat, anyone else in other dimensions can't

Q2: Is there a way I can speak outside of lobby chat?

A: Yes, simply do /lobby chat. If you want to use lobby chat again, do /lobby chat again

Q: Is there another way to gain HP or Mana instead of spamming the chest?

A: Yes, /lobby upall

Q2: Does this work on other chests so I can mass buy them?

A: No

Q: How can I give other people my points?

A: /lobby ts <Player> <Points> say I want to give Blanc 1 point, I'd do /lobby ts Blanc 1

Q: What are abilities?

A: Abilities are like skills, they may completely change the game, or not, change the course of the game, or not.

Q: Where can I see a list of abilities/information about abilities?

A: here


Free items dimension. Alternatively you can just do /i <item name> <stack> <prefix> in rift


SpecialItems is a dimension where you can modify items, you do not keep the items as when you leave the server, the modified items will disappear.

Q: Why can't I see my friends?

A: Blame TSL, TSL groups players in 5. How can I see them though? The only way to see them is to join THAT instance by making someone leaving that server and you quickly joining(doesn't work when it has multiple instances)

Q: How can I see other people's projectiles?

A: Enable PvP, Caution, they may kill you repeatedly, if this happens, you can either do /rift to leave or /sethealth 100 to revive yourself


Rift or formerly Mirror is the dimension you are in when you join the server on port 7777. You cannot see other players in Rift


Gamemodes is a Rift-like dimension for minigames


Archives are comprised of 5 dimensions archive0x5, archive0x5b, archive0x2, archive0x3 and archive0x4, they are a reflection of the Server's previous lobbies

Note: The Archives are frequenly down

AutoSurvival(TSL Lobby & TShock Worlds)

AutoSurvival is a type of survival where the server hosts a survival for you, you can then download the world later on

Note: AutoSurvival is permanently down, why? It'd been a temporary thing from the start


TSL or Terraris Server Lite servers are similar to TShock in some ways, TSL was created by popstarfreas to minimize resource usage by only rendering the selected area and ignoring the rest. Its features include grouping people into 5. It is currently only available on DG due to the fact it's a private program and it's unfinished


TShock is the generic Server API for Terraria

Trading System

Q: What is The Trading System or DTP(for short)?

A: The Trading System or DTP is like DTP's Economy(read more below)

Q: How can I get Chat Colors, Titles, or Tags?

A: You can get Colors, Titles or Tags by opening lootboxes

Q2: How can I apply Chat Colors, Titles, or Tags?

A: By putting them in the respective slot below the preview. Only one Title/Color/Tag can be worn at a time

Q: How can I get commands like /heal /rain /selfname?

A: As Mentioned above, DTP. Commands are Obtained randomly by opening lootboxes

Q2: How can I apply Command Permissions?

A: By putting in the respective slot, BUT unlike titles, colors or tags you can wear up to 10(check upgrades section in DTP)

Q: How can I get Lootboxes?

A: Lootboxes can be obtained daily by voting for Dark Gaming(These are called vote crates) or by leveling up

Q: What is DP?

A: DP or Dark Points, are Dark Gaming's Currency

Q2: How can I get DP?

A: You can get DP via trading, transfering DP, or as mentioned above, killing people in PvP, killing mobs in PvE(Bosses don't give DP, with a few exceptions), killing bosses in Survival, surviving rounds in Zombies

Q3: What can I do with DP?

A: You can buy stuff in the store with DP or buy XP% with DP. Additionally, DP is required for trading as a form of tax.

Q: How can I level up?

A: You can level up by playing on the server, like, killing people in PvP, killing bosses or mobs in PvE, killing bosses in Survival, surviving rounds in Zombies or vote for the server

Q2: Why can't I level up?

A: You must have XP% to level up

Q3: What happens when I level up?

A: You get lootboxes when you level up, these lootboxes are different from voting lootboxes, it may contain items rarer than items contained in voting lootboxes(vote crates)

Q: How can I buy XP%?

A: You can buy XP% by using the bar near the Get Crew button(or the Crew Badge if you're crew), (As of June 29 2019)each XP% cost 10 DP. XP% Can go past 100% leading in more XP.

Q2: How does XP% work?

A: The XP formula is like this: XP * XP%. Say I have 50% and I will get 500XP the server will multiply 500 by 50%(or 0.5) which means I only get half of it(250 XP), but if I have more than 100%, say 150%, the server will multiply 500 by 150%(or 1.5) and I will get 50% more(750 XP)

Q: What is Crew?

A: Crew is a free set of permissions available to anyone WHO OWNS the game. You can use it to build in Build Dimension, TP to anyone(Build, PvE or in Survival, Illegal in PvP), or create houses in Survival

Q2: How can I get Crew?

A: Simply click on that get crew button and proceed to verify you bought the game. Note that you need to have your games set to public in Steam for this to work

Q3: I don't own Terraria on Steam, is there anything else I can do to get Crew?

A: An alternate way to get crew is by buying it with credits, 3 credits are required, about 60 days of voting or 2 months of voting

Q: What are Credits?

A: Credits are basically the Platinum Coins of Dark Gaming

Q2: How can I get Credits?

A: Credits can be gained by voting for DG. Each vote gives you 0.05 Credits(little, but thats like 5 Gold Coins if 1 Credit = 1 Platinum Coin)

Q3: What can I do with Credits?

A: You can craft custom Titles or Tags using credits, you can also get crew using 3 Credits

Q: How can I get custom Titles/Tags

A: You can craft Custom Titles/Tags here 1 Credit is required though

Q: How can I sell items?

A: This feature is currently work in progress, though, we used to be able to sell items in the past


Q: Why do I need one?

A: Currently, you only need one for Ban Appeals, most parts of the forums hasn't been updated since 2016 or 2017, most of the communities have moved into Discord

Q: How do I get one?

A: Go to the Forums, simply look at the top right and press that little arrow beside guest, click Register, then just enter your details. After you fill in your details, you will get a message about confirmation (!This why registering with a legit email is crucial) Go to your email and find the verification email, if it's missing check spam, if it's not there check all mail, if not refresh then check again


Q: What is Phase?

A: Phase is a client you can use to chat outside of Terraria. The chat in the Terraria Discussion(or "Channel" as they so call it on Discord), is automatically synced with the chat ingame with a few exceptions, it cannot see lobby chat, it is often broken in TSL servers

Q: Are people using Phase admin?

A: short answer NOO, long answer, depends

Q: How can I get Phase?

A: Getting Phase is easy, it is similar to getting DTP, you can get Phase by going here, make SURE Dark Gaming is selected, then login with your ingame username and password

Q: Why does Phase not work for me?

A: This is a common problem, it may range from incorrect username or password or the fact your account is registered recently, contact an admin if this occurs.

Q: What is the future of Phase?

A: In the near future Phase will be "Phased" out(ok sorry) of Dark Gaming and replaced with something else

Bans & Appeals


A: You can appeal at Dark Gaming Forums (Direct Link to create a thread if you're already logged in). BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE FORMAT

Q: I don't have a ban link

A: If you don't have a ban link, it's either an old ban or an automatic ban, simply just replace the ban link with the reason why you got banned. Check Type 2 ban below for help

Example Appeals

Type 1

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason; Your ban is either or

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly? Yes. Because I didn't read the rules

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason Yes.

[Q4] Why should we unban you? Because I love this server very much, I promise I won't break anymore rules in the future.

Type 2 Automatic Ban

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason; Your ban is either or Advertising.

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly? No.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason No. Because I didn't intend to advertise and I got banned instantly, falsely.

[Q4] Why should we unban you? I didn't intend to advertise, I love the server's community and I would in no way shape or form try to even advertise.

Unwanted Facts

Fact 1: Dropping any sort of explosive or mining any block in Rift may cause you to crash, sometimes even instantly

Fact 2: PvP is filled with easter eggs

Fact 3: Private Lobbies where once referred to as Protected Lobbies. And Custom Lobbies were once referred to as Private Lobbies(They were also called Custom Lobbies before, Private is just another name)

Fact 4: (Zombies)If your points reaches the 32Bit Integet Limit(or 2147483647) it will become negative(-2147483647)

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