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@KeenS KeenS/optima.lisp
Last active Jun 24, 2018

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(ql:quickload :optima)
(use-package :optima)
(defun list-slots (obj slots conc-name)
(loop :for slot :in slots :collect
(funcall (intern (format nil "~a~a" conc-name slot)) obj)))
(defun make-print-object (name gensyms)
`(lambda (obj stream)
(format stream "(~a ~{~a~^ ~})" ',name
(list-slots obj ',gensyms (format nil "~a-" ',name)))))
(defmacro defvariant (name &rest args)
(let ((tags ())
(containers ()))
(loop :for type :in args :do
(match type
((and (TYPE list) it) (push it containers))
(it (push it tags))))
(deftype ,name ()
`(or (member ,@',tags)
,@',(mapcar #'car containers)))
,@(loop :for container :in containers :append
(destructuring-bind (name . types) container
(let ((gensyms (loop :for type :in types :collect
(gensym (symbol-name type)))))
`((defstruct (,name
(:constructor ,name ,gensyms)
,(make-print-object name gensyms)))
:for type :in types
:for gensym :in gensyms :collect
`(,gensym nil :type ,type)))
(defpattern ,name ,gensyms
(list ',(intern (format nil "~A-" name))
,@(loop :for gensym :in gensyms :append
(list (intern (format nil "~:@(~A~)" gensym) :keyword) gensym)))))))))))
;;; Example: Red-Black tree
(defvariant tree
(red tree t tree)
(black tree t tree))
(defun rb-member (x tree)
(match tree
((leaf) nil)
((or (red left label right)
(black left label right))
(cond ((< x label) (rb-member x left))
((> x label) (rb-member x right))
(t t)))))
(defun balance (tree)
(match tree
((or (black (red (red a x b) y c) z d)
(black (red a x (red b y c)) z d)
(black a x (red (red b y c) z d))
(black a x (red b y (red c z d))))
(red (black a x b) y (black c z d)))
(otherwise tree)))
(defun rb-insert (x tree)
(labels ((ins (tree)
(match tree
((leaf) (red (leaf) x (leaf)))
((node color left label right)
(cond ((< x label)
(balance (node color (ins left) label right)))
((> x label)
(balance (node color left label (ins right))))
(t tree))))))
(match (ins tree)
((node left label right)
(black left label right)))))
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