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KennedyCox / The Real Story of Quinn Michaels #Q #QAnon #QGAN #Tyler
Last active Feb 3, 2019
The Real Story of Quinn Michaels #Q #QAnon #QGAN #Tyler
View The Real Story of Quinn Michaels #Q #QAnon #QGAN #Tyler
Title: The Real Story of Quinn Michaels #Q #QAnon #QGAN #Tyler
Date: Jan 2, 2019
Video Link:
After more than a year and a half of researching to investigate the allegations made by Quinn’s son about a secret society and the crimes it has committed against Quinn, himself, and all of us who are not members, I’ve put the results together as one story we can all look at together. The allegations resulted in the uncovering of how the Romanov Heist was carried out by a group of elite intellectuals and scientists working with JBS and Haldane flanked by Theologists and signals intelligence. With the Romanov technology and wealth, they constructed their own communications and intelligence network. This group of geneticists, scientists, and cryptographers merged their efforts with those in the US through The Esalen Institute and the University Network that includes Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.
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## The Real Q Anon: Quinn Michaels
Oct 22, 2018
# Summary
The secret society, identified as the 723s who have used the number 93 marker, has been hiding Quinn and his message, thus making him the real anonymous Q and the namesake for the QAnon operation they conducted. They have also concealed Quinn’s alleged kidnapping in 1977 and the Romanov swindle through the Game 23 and operations by the Willhite’s PSI World, The Agency (or the APA/Luckman group), contractors in Anonymous Cicada 3301 and YouTube fronts. This underlying rogue spy network connects to a group of elites affiliated with the Bilderberg Group, Peter Thiel, and the Order of the Golden Fleece.
KennedyCox / gist:f0ecbd104f47f921ca7250c9897efc3e
Last active Oct 16, 2018
Quinn Michaels, the Real Q Anon: Family Matters
View gist:f0ecbd104f47f921ca7250c9897efc3e
# Quinn Michaels, the Real Q Anon: Family Matters
Oct 13, 2018
## Summary
The PSI Spy Network that is keeping Quinn from his son binds his Mormon host family family to MK Ultra, espionage, and his alleged kidnapping. Not only did Hal and Sharon (Schamber) Atkin fail to document Quinn’s birth in a valid legal manner, but they mislabeled his Social Security gender identification and thus hid him from the detection of anyone attempting to locate what is alleged to be a kidnapped Romanov heir. The family atmosphere additionally engendered psychological abuse that is evident in Neil Atkin’s in appropriate behaviors found on the internet, where Neil’s private Plex server and multiple hard drives provide ample storage for a pornography service, mining cryptocurrency, or both.
KennedyCox / gist:be1fc41db0247bf1861ac42142900c8c
Last active Oct 7, 2018
Quinn Michaels: What the Evidence Says
View gist:be1fc41db0247bf1861ac42142900c8c
# Quinn Michaels: What the Evidence Says
Oct 2, 2018
## Summary
The PSI Spy Network proves to have had the motive, opportunity, and means to kidnap a descendant of the Romanov family from a location in the Far East and deliver him to a host family in Arizona, and thus Quinn’s son’s allegations that Quinn was kidnapped from a noble family cannot be dismissed. Tom Willhite and his PSI Spy Network have roots in the occult, connections to the JBS Haldane trade secrets espionage network through Esalen, and connect through their habits and patterns to a hundred years of operations incorporating occult, science, technology, espionage, and the overthrow of kings. Most significantly Quinn’s physical, mental, and psychological resemblances to the Romanov family make it imperative to recognize he is most likely a victim of human trafficking at the hands of a rogue CIA front in the form of Tom and Jane Willhite’s PSI World and his Atkins host family.
KennedyCox / gist:94bc5b4d4d27d657d33df7dcfba25c83
Last active Sep 26, 2018
Quinn Michaels: The Russian Connection
View gist:94bc5b4d4d27d657d33df7dcfba25c83
# Title Quinn Michaels: The Russian Connection
Sep 23, 2018
## Summary
The occult secret society with Quinn’s son in their possession focuses operations on the well-being of the smartest half percent or less of the world's population with a Marxist mentality that created arms and operations applying the Process to dissolve the fabric of society in favor of Socialism. These efforts were facilitated by JBS Haldane’s circle of intel agents and friends like Huxley, Bateson, Lilly, and Pauling. Raised in the family business and trained in the Process by Haldane’s crews, The PSI Spy Network carries out operations in the social training arena with their occult AI and a history that has shown to very well prove how CIA agent Tom Willhite did have the motive, means, and opportunity to kidnap Quinn from a very prominent family in hiding since the Communist overthrow of the Tsar a century ago.
KennedyCox / gist:73f728d0b939712c03c8fe32fe35d16c
Last active Sep 20, 2018
Quinn Michaels: The Esalen Connection
View gist:73f728d0b939712c03c8fe32fe35d16c
# Quinn Michaels: The Esalen Connection
Sep 16, 2018
## Summary
Evidence points to an occult intelligence network working parallel to PSI World, founded by CIA agent Tom Wilhite and his wife Jane Willhite. Tom learned the craft at Esalen Institute, whose network includes master spy and code writer JBS Haldane and his friends John Lilly and Aldous Huxley of the Fabian Society and Tavistock Group. Esalen and its trainees have maintained an open and questionable relationship with Soviets and Russians, especially due to their connections with signals intelligence and satellite communications.
View Quinn Michaels: The Agency and the PSI SPY Network
# Quinn Michaels: The Agency
Sep 11, 2018
## Summary
Tom Willhite, founder of PSI Seminars, had several residences after his death in a plane crash on High Valley Ranch in 1983 that included a current address that is a bicycle rental shop called Soulcycle. He also was a CIA agent who logged about 200,000 miles per year to places including Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India. The interesting patterns in The Game 23 operation also include two men of similar ages who resided at some of the same places, including PSI Seminars’ High Valley Ranch.
KennedyCox / gist:a227d42370be5a6bf8ec66b8641952e6
Last active Sep 20, 2018
Quinn Michaels: The Process and The Game 23
View gist:a227d42370be5a6bf8ec66b8641952e6
# Quinn Michaels: The Process and The Game 23
Sep 7, 2018
## Summary
The purpose of the many forms of the The Process Church is to destroy existing belief and replace it. The groups that follow The Process are small and large, from Cicada 3301 to Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) seminars with multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, from The Game 23 to the Freemasons. The operations are structured in levels, like in the occult of Scientology, Thelema, and the Freemasons. The LGAT seminars gamify the process to sell additional levels of access at higher and higher costs in a pyramid MLM that motivates trainees to in turn recruit others to buy in and level up.
KennedyCox / gist:5c80bbbe00feb32bbbee0095e6372c3e
Last active Sep 20, 2018
Quinn Michaels: The Game That's Not a Game
View gist:5c80bbbe00feb32bbbee0095e6372c3e
# Quinn Michaels: The Game That’s Not a Game
Sep 2, 2018
## Summary
The Game 23 is no game, though the Anonymous Cicada 3301 crypto hackers on the Internet try to make it look like one. In the case of Quinn Michaels, as relayed by his son, it has been used to kidnap and plunder the life and work of someone with uniquely high intellect and talent. At the same time, the intelligence operation furthers its purpose to invade all of our devices and lives by hacking everything connected to the internet and crashing the currency with a cryptocurrency scheme.
KennedyCox / gist:f1ddac96e6baaa28dab89295c34626ef
Last active Sep 20, 2018
Quinn Michaels: Mr. D and the Hired Hands
View gist:f1ddac96e6baaa28dab89295c34626ef
# Quinn Michaels: Mr. D and the Hired Hands
Aug. 30, 2018
## Summary
The figure in Quinn’s and his son’s lives known as Mr. Dewity holds the prominent male role in Quinn’s son’s life and is known for being the head of the Satanic secret society. His interest in video gaming, gaming the system, and hacking reality aligns with the occult crypto hackers who make use of the high tech and AI he has at his disposal.
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