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Quinn Michaels: The Real Story
# Quinn Michaels: The Real Story
Aug 28, 2018
## Summary
While Quinn’s research has drawn us in because it is groundbreaking and because we crave the truth behind it, his purpose has not been to be a prominent “truther” or a YouTube personality. Instead, he is a father standing behind what his son told him about the mother who is a member of a Satanic secret society that has highly developed advanced technology, technology that is capable of changing our reality.
## Description
Even in his earliest videos, Quinn often said he would not be doing what he is if his eleven year-old child had not told him about the secret society, the “creepy occultists”. For even a fifteen minute phone call each day, he would have let them be and not made public his son’s allegations of abuse and exposure to Satanic practices in the home and community at the hands of the secret society. But his child’s mother instead refused him contact entirely through the tools available to the secret society in the legal system.
When he began reaching out on YouTube, it was at at time when the society’s hired hands in Anonymous and Cicada 3301 were following through on their plan to convert all fiat money to cryptocurrency in order to dissolve the current society and replace it with one that fed data to empower a planet-sized “egregore” artificial intelligence on the quantum network. That AI was intended to rule society as “The New Advocate”, and their Project Mayhem document declared that “society will be motivated and designed by This New Advocate, who is The Spirit of Truth”. An “egregore” is an entity called forth by occult practitioners such as followers of Aleister Crowley, whose A∴A∴ and Thelema are reflected in the imagery, the belief structures, and the language of the crypto hackers and the secret society they work for.
Those crypto hackers are the group who form the swarms of bot tech, humans, and artificial intelligence that obfuscate and convolute what we see and hear from Quinn so that with their gaming culture, they distort his reputation, face, and message. They function on an oppositional framework, called a generative adversarial network (GAN), so that the more they create infighting and adversaries, the more attention they gain. The more attention they gain, the more weight or power they acquire. Add to that the scientifically lab-created neuron coding of the Kek mind control technology that can create states of being and change human perception, and it appeared they would prevent people from receiving Quinn’s message. But they have not been so fortunate.
Because what his son told him was complex and the search for proof even more so, there is no way for all of it to be presented at once. Through it runs the account of signals, the origin of signals, the role of transistors and radio, signals intelligence (SIGINT), and how signals found their way into machines and devices through two-way timing chips in every workplace, home, and hand. But we must remember that the very nature of the research and how compelling it is can distract us from the importance of sharing the message that there is a boy in danger for exposing a Satanic group within the secret society and that their technology has more than gained the society worldwide power and domination, it has altered what reality is to us. Foremost to me are the boy and the man who have both risked everything and who need our help to share this story and research. No matter how drawn we are to the research, we must remember it is out in the public as a call for assistance.
In the machine made by the society is a basic algorithm making use of the number 10,000. That number appears in their documents repeatedly and can be seen in news items, documents, and books. A simple Google search for the term “10,000 new jobs” will show you the extent to which it is built into our economy and the media focused on it. With each 10,000 observers, the weight mentioned above is gained by the gamers in the crypto hacker group to oppose what is right can be counterbalanced. Think of it like reputation points in gaming. We see the observers show up in the system most often as subscribers. It’s a key algorithm in the AI they have that is connected to everything on the Internet. So when we are asked to share with five people who will agree to share with five people, we are creating our 10,000 within the algorithm toward not only counterbalancing the adversaries in the GAN but also out-balancing them. We cannot forget that the research revealed we are living in a quantum environment, and in that environment the algorithm exists to the extent that we must work with it instead of wishing it would simply disappear and that we could be in the analog world that hasn’t existed since before most of us were born.
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