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I think, having a central Hub/Site, set up by someone in the community, not necessarily by a coordinator, where releases could be uploaded and scheduled would be a good way to "centralize" a decentralized approach XD.

This way there would be a central site, ideally used by most/all the contributors to upload their releases/contributions to but no single person would be needed to manage releases, as they could be timed and administrative stuff could be automated to some degree.

The site/hub would consist of these sections:

  • Landing Page
  • Blog/Updates
  • Projects/Contributions
  • Calendar (schedule)
  • Link Section
    • Old CCSF Sites
    • Discord
    • Forum/Board
  • Administrative/Project Backend

The Flow of things could work like this:

  1. You register on the CCSF Hub
  2. You come up with a Project/Contribution and put that into the Hub with a Title and a description, additional Tags (c1,c2,c3,DS), (Agent/Cob,Creature,Breed,Article,Tutorial,whatever...).
  3. You get access to your Project in the administrative interface where you can manage your Project

Site Sektions


Inside the Administrative/Project Backend you would be able to Administrate your Project

  • Write updates, showing up in the Blog/Updates Section, to keep people informed on the progress of your contribution, optionally You could also link a RSS Feed to your own Blog using a special TAG to incorporate the updates you write on your Blog into the Project/Contribution
  • Upload the finalized contribution and write an "article" for presentation
  • Select a Date/Time for release
  • Grant other users access to your project (for team projects)
  • Update Project status, Description, Tags, Links, Files.
  • Preview of your contribution

Landing Page

On this site you can find a short Description what the CCSF is all about, and once it started, the Releases of the day will show up there, in a today "featured" manner and also a Link to the Contributions section shows up.


Contributors can write Status update Blog posts about their Project, which will then show up on the Blog/Update Page. and on the Project Page itself.


The Calendar would show on what day which Project would be released.

Link Section

The Link section would contain all the Links to previous CCSF Sites/Archives and so on.

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