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KhanradCoder /
Created Sep 13, 2020
Download all of a user's tweets
import tweepy
import csv
import time
#Twitter API credentials
consumer_key =
consumer_secret =
access_key =
access_secret =
KhanradCoder /
Last active Jan 6, 2021
Simple implementation of speech recognition in python
# Install speech_recognition with pip install speech_recognition
# Install pyaudio with pip install pyaudio
# Make sure you look up full instructions for installing pyaudio
import speech_recognition as sr
recognizer = sr.Recognizer()
mic = sr.Microphone()
with mic as source:
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KhanradCoder /
Created Apr 11, 2020
Code for the video where we build a Jarvis like virtual assistant in python 3
import wolframalpha
client = wolframalpha.Client("lilpumpsaysnopeeking")
import wikipedia
import PySimpleGUI as sg
layout =[[sg.Text('Enter a command'), sg.InputText()],[sg.Button('Ok'), sg.Button('Cancel')]]
window = sg.Window('PyDa', layout)
KhanradCoder /
Last active Sep 17, 2020
TrumpScript poem on who will be the next POTUS
say "roses are red"
say "violets are blue"
make president ""
if , "Trump" is president ? ;
say "Trump is in charge, what will we do?" !
else :
say "If Clinton is in charge, wall street is too" !
KhanradCoder / TinyScreen_KhanWatchOS.ino
Created Dec 19, 2015
My edit of a SmartWatch for the TinyScreen with reminders and flappy bird.
View TinyScreen_KhanWatchOS.ino
// KhanWatchOs 1.0
// KhanWatchOs is a combination and improvement of several arduino programs for
// the TinyDuino TinyScreen
// Main code developed by TinyScreen
// Flappy Bird design developed by TinyScreen
// Thanks to all for the code, I hope you like my improvements and new features
#define menu_debug_print true