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(defn prepareKS!
"returns the string for cqlsh to make the keysapace based on the number of nodes"
[dcs bench]
(let [dropComm (str "drop KEYSPACE IF EXISTS " bench ";")
dcString (reduce (fn [oldDc newDc] (str oldDc ", 'dc_" newDc "':1")) "" dcs)
finalComm (str dropComm " create KEYSPACE " bench " WITH replication = {'class': 'NetworkTopologyStrategy'" dcString "};")]
(defn prepareDB!
"creating keyspace and tables"
[node test tables bench]
(when (= (str node) "n1")
(info ">>> creating keyspace on: " (dns-resolve node))
(c/exec* (str "/home/ubuntu/cassandra/bin/cqlsh " node " -e \"" (prepareKS! (:nodes test) bench) "\"" ))
(info ">>> creating tablese on: " (dns-resolve node))
(c/exec* (str "/home/ubuntu/cassandra/bin/cqlsh " (dns-resolve node) " -f /home/ubuntu/resource/ddl.cql" ))
(info ">>> keyspace and tables intialized")
(doseq [t tables]
(do ; .csv solution:
;(info (str "Loading raw data in table: " t))
;(c/exec* (str "/home/ubuntu/cassandra/bin/cqlsh " (dns-resolve node) " -f /home/ubuntu/resource/load_" t ".cql" ))
; snapshot based solution:
(info (str "Copying snapshots for: " t))
(c/exec* (str "/home/ubuntu/cassandra/bin/sstableloader -d " (dns-resolve node) " /home/ubuntu/" bench "/" t))
;(c/exec* (str "/home/ubuntu/cassandra/bin/cqlsh " (dns-resolve node) " -f /home/ubuntu/load.cql" ))
(Thread/sleep 1000)
(info (str ">>> initial SSTables loaded ")
(info ">>> creating a java connection pool")
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