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KillerDogs / gist:58b681b3d49085a452882105e401db36
Created Aug 23, 2020
Random function & Fun ball8 command
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//Random function
function rand(min, max) { //Random Function
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);
//Ball8 command
} else if (msg.body.startsWith('!ball8')) { //Ball8 fun game
var args = msg.body.split(' ');
var bola8palavras = ["It's right", "It definitely is", "Without a doubt", "Yes, definitely", "You can count on it", "In my opinion, yes", "Probably", "It seems so", " Yes "," Signs point to yes "," Vague answer try again "," Ask again later "," I better not tell you now "," I can't predict now "," Focus and ask again " , "Don't count on it", "My answer is no", "My sources say no", "Looks like no", "Very Doubtful"];
if (args.length >= 2) {