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How to do Object Pooling in Flixel
import flixel.FlxState;
import flixel.FlxSprite;
import flixel.util.FlxColor;
class PlayState extends FlxState {
//bullet group for holding player bullets
public var playerBulletGrp:FlxTypedGroup<FlxSprite>;
public static inline var PLAYER_BULLET_CAP:Int = 20;
override public function create() {
//Total amount of bullets the player can always have.
//In this case the player can only have 20 bullets.
playerBulletGrp = new FlxTypedGroup<FlxSprite>(PLAYER_BULLET_CAP);
//Initialize group with objects
for(i in 0...playerBulletGroup.maxSize) {
var bullet = new FlxSprite(0, 0);
bullet.makeGraphic(4, 4, FlxColor.WHITE);
override public function update(elapsed:Float) {
var fire = FlxG.keys.anyJustPressed([Z]);
if(fire) {
//Fire a bullet if the player hits the Z button
var bullet = playerBulletGrp.recycle(FlxSprite);
bullet.setPosition(100, 50);
bullet.velocity.set(300, 0);
for(bullet in playerBulletGrp) {
//Kills the bullet when it flys off screen so it can be reused later (object pooling)
if(!bullet.isOnScreen()) {

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@KinoAR KinoAR commented Apr 2, 2021

This is an example class that was written to demonstrate how the bullets would work with object pooling.

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