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i'm *mad* the education system has failed us as a society! nobody knows great historical literature these days. *huff*
01:54 DigitalKiwi: 08:22 jonge[m]: hey there is it somehow possible to configure the nixos firewall per-network-device?
01:54 DigitalKiwi: 08:24 wedens[m]: jonge:
01:54 DigitalKiwi: 08:25 jonge[m]: wedens: oooh this is so easy that i must punish myself for my blindness. thank you!
01:54 DigitalKiwi: 08:30 DigitalKiwi: easy there dimmesdale it's not always obvious where to find the documenation for everything being as it's often
incomplete out of date or spread out over multiple manuals :P
01:54 DigitalKiwi: nobody loves obscure the scarlet letter references :(
01:57 DigitalKiwi: does no one appreciate 19th century literature anymore jeez
02:02 DigitalKiwi: 1850 at that it's not like some obscure story no one has heard of like hunchback of notre dame or ivanhoe or last of the mohicans...
02:04 DigitalKiwi: tbh ivanhoe is probably actually somewhat unheard of but
02:05 DigitalKiwi: M*A*S*H had alan alda playing a character named after last of the mohicans :P
02:05 DigitalKiwi: alan alda that notable household name
02:06 DigitalKiwi: (1972–1983) M*A*S*H
02:07 DigitalKiwi: i mean i wasn't even born then but i've probably seen every episode
02:07 DigitalKiwi: qu1j0t3: feel old yet
02:10 DigitalKiwi: i'm not really helping my case about how an arthur dimmesdale self flagellation joke could fly under the radar am i

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Kiwi commented Nov 7, 2019

02:12 DigitalKiwi: where do i file a complaint
02:12 DigitalKiwi: i made a superb reference to the scarlet letter and nobody acknowledged it
02:15 DigitalKiwi:
02:16 DigitalKiwi: the signficance of those other books is they're 1820-1830s
02:17 DigitalKiwi: your lack of outrage is noted
02:18 * DigitalKiwi crosses you off the high brow list

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