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An Autofac lifetime that ensures dependencies are only resolved from scoped containers.
This acts like a safety-net to prevent captive dependencies:
// Register some short-lived dependency using the `NonRootScopeLifetime`
var registration = builder.Register(c => c.Resolve<IStore>().BeginSession()).As<ISession>();
registration.RegistrationData.Lifetime = new NonRootScopeLifetime();
class NonRootScopeLifetime : IComponentLifetime
public ISharingLifetimeScope FindScope(ISharingLifetimeScope mostNestedVisibleScope)
if (mostNestedVisibleScope.ParentLifetimeScope == null) throw new InvalidOperationException("Trying to resolve scoped service from root container.");
if (mostNestedVisibleScope.ParentLifetimeScope.ParentLifetimeScope != null) throw new InvalidOperationException("This might be ambiguous.");
return mostNestedVisibleScope;
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