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tmux 覚えられなかったので画面の横に貼る。

tmux cheetsheet


command name command
start new tmux
start new with session name tmux new -s name
attach tmux attach
attach to named tmux attach -t name
detach ^t d


command name command
list sessions tmux ls
kill session tmux kill-session -t name
list sessions ^t s
rename sessions ^t $


command name command
new window ^t c
name window ^t ,
list windows ^t w
find windows ^t f
kill window ^t &
move window ^t .


command name command
horizontal split ^t h
vertival split ^t v
swap panes ^t o
show pane numbers ^t q
kill pane ^t x
toggle between layouts ^t <Space>


command name command
copy mode ^t [
quit copy mode q
clock ^t t
list shortcuts ^t ?
prompt ^t :
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