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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;

print 1;

Kuniwak / file0.txt
Created Aug 12, 2014
peco と alias -g で git に便利革命おきた ref:
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$ git commit
View vint-ast.markdown
stmt left list op rest right type
let num = 0 identifier = number let
let dict[key] = 0 dot = number let
let list[0] = 99 subscript = number let
let list[1:2] = [99, 99] slice = list let
let str .= 'str_to_add' identifier .= number let
let $ENV = 'str_content' env = string let
let @@ = 'str_content' reg = string let
let [elem0, elem1] = [0, 1] [identifier, identifier] = list let
  1. identifier が定義・参照・静的解析不能を判別
    • IdentifierClassifier
    • IdentifierCollector
  2. Scope chain を作成
    • ScopeStore
  3. declaring identifier を scope に登録、scope を referencing identifier に登録
    • ScopeLinker
  4. referencing identifier から declaring identifier に到達可能かどうかを調べる
    • ParentAttacher
    • ReferenceReachabilityTester
Kuniwak / file0.txt
Last active Aug 29, 2015
vimrc アンチパターンを自動でチェックする ref:
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pip install vim-vint
View .cvimrc
map <C-u> scrollPageUp
map <C-d> scrollPageDown
map <C-h> deleteChar
cunmap <C-h>
let scrollstep = 200
Kuniwak / 4bit_adder.ts
Created Jul 13, 2015
Compile-Time 4-bit adder on TypeScript
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// Compile-Time 4-bit Adder for TypeScript
// Author:
// INTPUT ////////////////////////////////
// O: Low
// I: High
let inputA1: I;
let inputA2: I;
let inputA3: O;
count(List, X, Count) :- count_sub(List, X, 0, Count).
count_sub([], _, N, N).
count_sub([Head | Xs], X, N, Count) :-
(Head == X -> N1 is N + 1; N1 is N),
count_sub(Xs, X, N1, Count).
% トランプの数は1〜13まで。
card(X) :- between(1, 13, X).
% さやかのヒントにあてはまる。
Kuniwak / santa_codegolf.js
Created Dec 27, 2012
CodeGolf の215文字(7位)の回答です。 @itコラボ企画「もしもエンジニアがサンタだったら」 クロノス・クラウン合同会社 柳井 政和さんからのJavaScriptの問題
View santa_codegolf.js
for(C=[c=j=4];c--;C[c]=A.join(""))for(A=[a=b=w=0],x=y=X=40;b<160;A[y?a++:(I=(c+b)*b*49999-5537&65535)%78+I%38*81+[1,81,82,83,163][j]]="|-*-|\n_%"[y?x+X?x*x--<w*w|6:(x=X,w+=--y%8?1:-3,y?5:8):j--||(b++,j=4)]);return C
Kuniwak /
Created Jun 11, 2013
上下移動ができないッ! 引用: [Java] 長すぎるor短すぎる関数名 -
public static User findByFirstNameFamilyNameFirstKanaAndFamilyKanaOnlyUseJustAfterObjectInserted(Connection conn,String firstNameLikeExpressionTakeCareAboutEscapeToAvoidSQLInjection,String familyNameLikeExpressionTakeCareAboutEscapeToAvoidSQLInjection,String firstKanaLikeExpressionTakeCareAboutEscapeToAvoidSQLInjection,String familyKanaLikeExpressionTakeCareAboutEscapeToAvoidSQLInjection){
public static User find(Connection conn,String arg1,String arg2,String arg3,String arg4){
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