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Kwpolska/- Secret

Created Jun 16, 2016
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snapcraft [options] [--enable-geoip --no-parallel-build]
snapcraft [options] init
snapcraft [options] pull [<part> ...] [--enable-geoip]
snapcraft [options] build [<part> ...] [--no-parallel-build]
snapcraft [options] stage [<part> ...]
snapcraft [options] prime [<part> ...]
snapcraft [options] strip [<part> ...]
snapcraft [options] clean [<part> ...] [--step <step>]
snapcraft [options] snap [<directory> --output <snap-file>]
snapcraft [options] cleanbuild
snapcraft [options] login
snapcraft [options] logout
snapcraft [options] upload <snap-file>
snapcraft [options] list-plugins
snapcraft [options] help (topics | <plugin> | <topic>) [--devel]
snapcraft (-h | --help)
snapcraft --version
-h --help show this help message and exit
-v --version show program version and exit
-d --debug print debug information while executing
(including backtraces)
--target-arch ARCH EXPERIMENTAL: sets the target
architecture. Very few plugins support
Options specific to pulling:
--enable-geoip enables geoip for the pull step if stage-packages
are used.
Options specific to building:
--no-parallel-build use only a single build job per part
(the default number of jobs per part is
equal to the number of CPUs)
Options specific to cleaning:
-s <step>, --step <step> only clean the specified step and those
that depend upon it. <step> can be one
of: pull, build, stage or strip.
Options specific to snapping:
-o <snap-file>, --output <snap-file> used in case you want to rename the
The available commands are:
help Obtain help for a certain plugin or topic
init Initialize a snapcraft project.
list-plugins List the available plugins that handle different types of part.
login Authenticate session against Ubuntu One SSO.
logout Clear session credentials.
upload Upload a snap to the Ubuntu Store.
The available lifecycle commands are:
clean Remove content - cleans downloads, builds or install artifacts.
cleanbuild Create a snap using a clean environment managed by lxd.
pull Download or retrieve artifacts defined for a part.
build Build artifacts defined for a part. Build systems capable of
running parallel build jobs will do so unless
"--no-parallel-build" is specified.
stage Stage the part's built artifacts into the common staging area.
prime Final copy and preparation for the snap.
snap Create a snap.
Calling snapcraft without a COMMAND will default to 'snap'
The cleanbuild command requires a properly setup lxd environment that
can connect to external networks. Refer to the "Ubuntu Desktop and
Ubuntu Server" section on
to get started.
For more help, visit the documentation:
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