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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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-- How I should be able to define a model
tasks :: [a] -> Either a a -> [a]
tasks ts = either (:ts) (`delete` ts)
-- How I should be able to define an event stream
eventStream = scanl tasks . map (Left . getValue . getTarget) . filter ((== 13) . getWhich)
main = someWayToSelectElementAndMakeEventStreams "#input-box" "keydown"
>>= eventStream
>>= mapM renderMyList
var input = Pancetta.fromEvent($('#input-box')), 'keydown');
var messages = input.filter(function(event) {
return event.which === 13;
}).map(function(event) {
messages.scan([], function(tasks, task) {
return tasks.concat([task]);
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