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LLazarek/nav-mode.el Secret

Created Jul 20, 2018
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A custom modal editing minor mode for emacs.
;; A 'command' mode similar to that of vim's normal mode
(defun nav/mc/mark-all-dwim ()
(defun nav/open-next-line ()
(open-line 1)
(forward-char 1))
(defun nav/org/clock-in/select ()
(let ((current-prefix-arg '(4)))
(call-interactively 'org-clock-in)))
(defun nav/dumb-jump-go ()
(defun nav/symbol-at-point/mark ()
(unless (use-region-p)
(let ((pos (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol)))
(if pos
(goto-char (car pos))
(set-mark-command nil)
(goto-char (cdr pos)))
(error "Not on a symbol!")))))
(defun nav/symbol-at-point/grep ()
(call-interactively 'helm-ag))
(defun nav/symbol-at-point/sexp-eval ()
(forward-sexp 1)
(eval-last-sexp nil)))
;; Mode-line color indication feature
;; Disabled by default because it seems to become extremely slow
;; to change colors after a while. Not sure why.
(defvar nav/colorize-modeline nil
"Indicates whether `nav-mode' should change the color of the
modeline when enabled.
If non-nil, `nav-mode' will change the modeline colors to those set in
the following variables when enabled and disabled:
(defvar nav/modeline-active-foreground-off "Black"
"The modeline foreground color to be used for active (selected) buffers
in which `nav-mode' is disabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-active-background-off "Light gray"
"The modeline background color to be used for active (selected) buffers
in which `nav-mode' is disabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-inactive-foreground-off "Black"
"The modeline foreground color to be used for inactive (unselected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is disabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-inactive-background-off "Gainsboro"
"The modeline background color to be used for inactive (unselected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is disabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-active-foreground-on "Blue"
"The modeline foreground color to be used for active (selected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is enabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-active-background-on "White"
"The modeline background color to be used for active (selected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is enabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-inactive-foreground-on "Light blue"
"The modeline foreground color to be used for inactive (unselected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is enabled.")
(defvar nav/modeline-inactive-background-on "White"
"The modeline background color to be used for inactive (unselected)
buffers in which `nav-mode' is enabled.")
(defun nav/change-modeline-color (colorize)
"Change the modeline color to indicate that nav-mode is active or inactive.
This function does nothing if `nav/colorize-modeline' is nil.
Argument COLORIZE dictates whether to turn colorization on or off.
Possible values are:
- nil : Turn colorization off, returning the modeline to
white text on a black background.
- anything else : Turn colorization on, setting the modeline to white
text on a blue background.
(when nav/colorize-modeline
(if colorize
;; Entering, turn colorization on
,nav/modeline-active-background-on) mode-line))
,nav/modeline-inactive-background-on) mode-line)))
;; else
;; Exiting, turn colorization off
,nav/modeline-active-background-off) mode-line))
,nav/modeline-inactive-background-off) mode-line)))))
(defvar nav/alter-cursor nil
"Alter the cursor style when `nav-mode' is active?")
(defvar nav/cursor-type-active 'hollow
"The cursor style to be used when nav-mode is active (if
`nav/alter-cursor' is non-nil).")
(defvar nav/cursor-type-inactive cursor-type
"The cursor style to be used when nav-mode is not active (if
`nav/alter-cursor' is non-nil).")
(defun nav/change-cursor-type (enable)
"If `nav/alter-cursor' and ENABLE are both non-nil, change the cursor
style to `nav/cursor-type-active'."
(when nav/alter-cursor
(setq cursor-type (if (and nav/alter-cursor enable)
;; else
nav/cursor-type-inactive)) ))
(defun nav/set-visual-indicators (enable)
(nav/change-modeline-color enable)
(nav/change-cursor-type enable))
;; Exiting and toggling nav and nav/m modes
(defun exit-nav-modes ()
"Exit `nav-mode'."
(nav/set-visual-indicators nil)
(nav-mode -1)
(autopair-mode 1))
(defun exit-nav-modes/insert ()
"Same as `exit-nav-modes' but set the mark first."
(unless (use-region-p)
(defun toggle-nav-mode (&optional nav/set-state)
"Turn nav-mode on or off.
It is preferable that this function is used to enable and disable
`nav-mode' because it handles a number of things that toggling
`nav-mode' directly does not. For example, entering and exiting
`nav-mode' with this function will properly manage modeline
colorization if `nav/colorize-modeline' is t.
Optional argument NAV/SET-STATE may be used to ensure that nav-mode is
in a given state. Possible values are:
- nil or no argument : Toggle `nav-mode' on if it is off, or off if it
is on, in the current buffer.
- -1 : Turn `nav-mode' off if it is on; otherwise do nothing.
- anything else : Turn `nav-mode' on if it is off; otherwise do nothing.
(if nav/set-state
;; explicit argument
(if (= nav/set-state -1)
;; turn off
;; else - turn on
;; else - toggle
(if nav-mode
;; else
(defun enter-nav-mode ()
"Enter `nav-mode'."
(nav-mode 1)
(nav/set-visual-indicators t)
(autopair-mode -1))
;; nav macros
(fset 'nav/macro-5
[?\C-x ?\C-k ?5])
(fset 'nav/macro-6
[?\C-x ?\C-k ?6])
(fset 'nav/macro-7
[?\C-x ?\C-k ?7])
(fset 'nav/macro-8
[?\C-x ?\C-k ?8])
(defun nav/end-of-line (&optional arg)
(if (equal major-mode 'org-mode)
(org-end-of-line arg)
(move-end-of-line arg)))
(defun nav/beginning-of-line (&optional arg)
(when (equal major-mode 'org-mode)
(org-beginning-of-line arg))
(previous-line (1- (or arg 1)))
;; (ll-match-regexps-to-str (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (point-at-bol)) '("^[ \t]+$"))
(defun nav/beginning-of-line-and-exit (&optional arg)
(nav/beginning-of-line arg)
(defun nav/end-of-line-and-exit (&optional arg)
(nav/end-of-line arg)
(defun nav/beginning-of-buffer-and-exit ()
(defun nav/end-of-buffer-and-exit ()
(defun nav/open-insert-next-line ()
(defun nav/open-insert-previous-line ()
(open-line 1)
(defun nav/join-line (&optional arg)
"Join ARG lines below the current line with the current line."
(next-logical-line arg)
(dotimes (_ (or arg 1)) (join-line)))
(defun nav/join-up-line (&optional arg)
"Join ARG lines below the current line with the current line."
(dotimes (_ (or arg 1)) (join-line)))
(defun nav/jump-to-char (&optional arg)
"Prompt for a char and jump to the first (or with argument Nth) occurence
of it to the right of the point."
(interactive "P")
(let ((case-fold-search nil)) ;; make search case sensitive
(search-forward (char-to-string (read-char "char: ")) nil t arg)))
(defun nav/backward-jump-to-char (&optional arg)
"Prompt for a char and jump to the first (or with argument Nth) occurence
of it to the left of the point."
(interactive "P")
(let ((case-fold-search nil)) ;; make search case sensitive
(search-backward (char-to-string (read-char "char: ")) nil t arg)))
(defun nav/mark-pop-and-jump ()
(set-mark-command 1))
(defun nav/delete-trailing-whitespace ()
(delete-trailing-whitespace (point-min) (point-max)))
(defun nav/untabify ()
(untabify (point-min) (point-max)))
(defun nav/cleanup-buffer ()
(defun nav/sexp-at-point/goto-start ()
(unless (member (char-before (point))
'(? ?' ?\( ?\C-j ?\C-i ?\" ?\[))
(defun nav/change-command (&optional arg)
(interactive "P")
(nav/delete-command arg)
(defun number-string-p (str)
(or (string-equal str "0")
(not (zerop (string-to-number str)))))
(defvar nav/paste-line nil
"Are the contents of the kill buffer a line?")
(defvar nav/delstart-persistent nil
"Persistent delete region marker.")
(defun nav/delete-command (&optional arg)
(interactive "P")
(setq nav/paste-line nil)
(if (use-region-p)
(kill-region (region-beginning) (region-end))
(let ((delstart (point))
(pref-arg-string (if arg (concat (number-to-string arg) " ") ""))
(movement-cmd (single-key-description
(read-char (format "[%s] move: " (or arg ""))))))
(pcase movement-cmd
((pred number-string-p)
(+ (string-to-number movement-cmd) (* (or arg 0) 10))))
(setq delstart (point))
(end-of-line arg))
(setq delstart (point))
(next-logical-line arg)
(setq nav/paste-line t))
(nav/jump-to-char arg))
(nav/backward-jump-to-char arg))
(call-interactively (avy-goto-char-timer arg)))
(setq delstart (point))
(setq delstart (point))
(setq nav/delstart-persistent (point))
(message "Nav: Delete mark set"))
(if nav/delstart-persistent
(setq delstart nav/delstart-persistent)
(message "Nav: Delete mark not set!")))
(execute-kbd-macro (kbd (concat pref-arg-string other-cmd)))))
(kill-region delstart (point)))))
(defvar nav/copystart-persistent nil
"Persistent copy region marker.")
(defun nav/copy-command (&optional arg)
(interactive "P")
(setq nav/paste-line nil)
(if (use-region-p)
(copy-region-as-kill (region-beginning) (region-end))
(let ((copystart (point))
(copyend nil)
(pref-arg-string (if arg (concat (number-to-string arg) " ") ""))
(movement-cmd (single-key-description
(read-char (format "[%s] move: " (or arg ""))))))
(pcase movement-cmd
((pred number-string-p)
(+ (string-to-number movement-cmd) (* (or arg 0) 10))))
(setq copystart (point))
(next-logical-line arg)
(setq nav/paste-line t))
(nav/jump-to-char arg))
(nav/backward-jump-to-char arg))
(call-interactively (avy-goto-char-timer arg)))
(setq copystart (point))
(setq copystart (point))
(setq nav/copystart-persistent (point))
(message "Nav: Copy mark set"))
(if nav/copystart-persistent
(setq copystart nav/copystart-persistent)
(message "Nav: Copy mark not set!")))
(execute-kbd-macro (kbd (concat pref-arg-string other-cmd)))))
(copy-region-as-kill copystart (point))))))
(defun nav/paste-after (&optional arg)
(interactive "P")
(dotimes (_ (or arg 1)) (nav/do-paste)))
(defun nav/paste-before (&optional arg)
(interactive "P")
(dotimes (_ (or arg 1)) (nav/do-paste t)))
(defun nav/do-paste (&optional before-p)
(cond ((and nav/paste-line before-p)
(nav/paste-line ;; !before-p
(before-p ;; !nav/paste-line
(backward-char 1)))
(when (use-region-p)
(delete-region (region-beginning) (region-end)))
(when nav/paste-line
(defun nav/swap-yank-command (&optional arg)
"Same as `nav/delete-command', but yank the (current) front of
the kill ring after deleting. This can be done repeatedly to
repeatedly swap the same string."
(interactive "P")
(nav/delete-command arg)
(yank 2)
(yank 1)
(kill-new (buffer-string))))
(defun nav/narrow-to-subtree ()
(call-interactively 'ni-narrow-to-region-indirect-other-window))
;;;;;;;;;; Hydras ;;;;;;;;;;
(defhydra nav/hydra/master (:color blue :hint nil)
Master menu
_r_: Registers (=) _f_: Frames
_m_: Macros (m) _c_: Multiple cursors
_b_: Buffer actions _p_: PC actions
_s_: Symbol at point _o_: Org actions
_g_: Blog publishing actions
("r" nav/hydra/registers/body)
("m" nav/hydra/macros/body)
("f" nav/hydra/frames/body)
("c" nav/hydra/mc/body)
("b" nav/hydra/buffer-edit/body)
("p" nav/hydra/pc-control/body)
("s" nav/hydra/symbol-at-point/body)
("o" nav/hydra/org/body)
("g" nav/hydra/frog/body)
("q" nil))
(defhydra nav/hydra/registers (:color blue :hint nil)
Register commands
_s_: Save point _n_: Number to register
_j_: Jump to register _i_/_+_: Increment number in register
_y_: Copy to register _h_: Show registers
_p_: Insert from register _w_: Window config to register
("s" point-to-register)
("j" jump-to-register)
("y" copy-to-register)
("p" insert-register)
("h" helm-register)
("n" number-to-register)
("i" increment-register)
("+" increment-register)
("w" window-configuration-to-register)
("q" nil))
(defhydra nav/hydra/macros (:color blue :hint nil)
Macro commands
_n_: (New) Start defining macro _b_: Bind macro to key (then exec with m5-8)
_d_: (Done) Finish defining macro _l_: Edit recorded macro
_e_: Execute macro _r_: Repeat last command
("n" kmacro-start-macro)
("d" kmacro-end-macro)
("e" kmacro-end-and-call-macro)
("b" kmacro-bind-to-key)
("l" kmacro-edit-lossage)
("r" repeat)
("q" nil))
(defhydra nav/hydra/frames (:hint nil)
Frame manipulation
_l_: Grow window horizontally _x_: Toggle maximize buffer
_h_: Shrink window vertically _e_: Toggle window split style
_k_: Grow window vertically _w_: Save window configuration to register
_j_: Shrink window vertically _r_: Restore window configuration from register
_s_: Swap windows
("l" enlarge-window-horizontally)
("h" shrink-window-horizontally)
("k" enlarge-window)
("j" shrink-window)
("x" toggle-maximize-buffer :color blue)
("e" toggle-window-split :color blue)
("w" window-configuration-to-register :color blue)
("r" jump-to-register :color blue)
("s" swap-window-split :color blue)
("q" nil))
(defhydra nav/hydra/mc (:hint nil)
^Up^ ^Down^ ^Miscellaneous^
[_p_] Next [_n_] Next [_l_] Edit lines
[_P_] Skip [_N_] Skip [_a_] Mark all
[_u_] Unmark [_m_] Unmark [_q_] Quit
("l" mc/edit-lines :exit t)
("a" nav/mc/mark-all-dwim :exit t)
("n" mc/mark-next-like-this)
("N" mc/skip-to-next-like-this)
("m" mc/unmark-next-like-this)
("p" mc/mark-previous-like-this)
("P" mc/skip-to-previous-like-this)
("u" mc/unmark-previous-like-this)
("q" nil))
(defhydra nav/hydra/buffer-edit (:color blue :hint nil)
Buffer edit menu
_t_: Delete trailing whitespace _=_: Increase text size
_u_: Untabify _-_: Decrease text size
_c_: Cleanup buffer (_t_ + _u_) _w_: Toggle word wrap
_i_: Toggle c indentation style _t_: Toggle line truncation
_h_: Toggle whitespace mode
("t" nav/delete-trailing-whitespace)
("u" nav/untabify)
("c" nav/cleanup-buffer)
("i" ll/c/toggle-2/4-indent-style)
("=" text-scale-increase :color red)
("-" text-scale-decrease :color red)
("w" toggle-word-wrap)
("t" toggle-truncate-lines)
("h" whitespace-mode)
("q" nil))
(require 'pc-control)
(defhydra nav/hydra/pc-control (:hint nil)
PC control menu
-- Volume -----------------------------------------------------
_v_: Increase volume
_V_: Decrease volume
_M-v_: Set volume
-------------------- Other -------------------------------------
_u_: Mount usb (default) _U_: Unmount usb (default)
_k_: Run backup script _w_: (Wifi) Launch network manager
_s_: Launch keepassx _b_: Set up keyboard
_d_: Switch to desktop mode _l_: Switch to laptop mode
("v" ll/pc/volume/increase)
("V" ll/pc/volume/decrease)
("M-v" ll/pc/volume/set :color blue)
("b" ll/pc/kb/setup :color blue)
("u" ll/pc/usb/mount-default :color blue)
("U" ll/pc/usb/unmount-default :color blue)
("k" ll/pc/backup :color blue)
("w" ll/pc/nm-launch :color blue)
("s" ll/pc/keepass-launch :color blue)
("m" ll/pc/setup-monitors :color blue)
("d" ll/emacs/switch-config/desktop :color blue)
("l" ll/emacs/switch-config/laptop :color blue)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra nav/hydra/symbol-at-point (:hint nil :color blue)
Symbol/sexp at point menu
_s_: Search _g_: Grep/ag _G_: Interactive ag
_r_: Replace/rename _d_: Definition
_;_/_o_: Occur _e_: Eval
("s" isearch-forward-symbol-at-point)
("g" nav/symbol-at-point/grep)
("G" helm-do-grep-ag)
("d" nav/dumb-jump-go)
("r" highlight-symbol-query-replace)
(";" helm-occur)
("o" helm-occur)
("e" nav/symbol-at-point/sexp-eval)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra nav/hydra/sexp-nav (:hint nil :color red)
Sexp navigation menu
_a_: Beginning _e_: End _n_: New sexp _d_: Delete sexp
_l_: Forward _h_: Backward _y_: Copy sexp _M-e_: Eval sexp
_k_: Up left _K_: Up right _RET_: Exit sexp and newline
_j_: Down _J_: Backward down _w_: Wrap sexp _W_: Unwrap sexp
_s_: Slurp forward _S_: Slurp backward
_b_: Barf forward _B_: Barf backward
("a" sp-beginning-of-sexp)
("e" sp-end-of-sexp)
("l" sp-forward-sexp)
("h" backward-sexp)
("k" sp-backward-up-sexp)
("K" sp-up-sexp)
("j" sp-down-sexp)
("J" sp-backward-down-sexp)
("w" (lambda () (interactive) (sp-wrap-with-pair "(")))
("W" sp-unwrap-sexp)
("n" (lambda () (interactive) (insert "()") (backward-char 1)))
("d" sp-kill-sexp)
("y" sp-copy-sexp)
("M-e" (lambda () (interactive) (save-excursion
(eval-last-sexp nil))))
("RET" (lambda () (interactive) (sp-up-sexp) (autopair-newline)))
("s" sp-forward-slurp-sexp)
("S" sp-backward-slurp-sexp)
("b" sp-forward-barf-sexp)
("B" sp-backward-barf-sexp)
("q" nil :color blue))
(defhydra nav/hydra/org (:hint nil :color blue)
Org menu
== Structure ==================================================== == Clock & Time ==
_s_: Sort _TAB_ Cycle global visibility _i_: Clock in recent task
_e_: Sparse tree _c_: Enter column view _r_: Show remaining timer
_y_: Copy subtree structure _p_: Set property _t_: Set timer
_w_: Refile _x_: Export _._: Active timestamp
_m_: Promote subtree _M_: Promote heading _<_: Inactive timestamp
_d_: Demote subtree _D_: Demote heading
_z_: Save all org buffers _n_: Narrow to subtree
("i" nav/org/clock-in/select)
("r" org-timer-show-remaining-time)
("t" org-timer-set-timer)
("s" org-sort)
("e" org-sparse-tree)
("y" ll/org/copy-subtree-headings)
("w" org-refile)
("p" org-set-property)
("x" org-export)
("m" org-promote-subtree :color red)
("M" org-do-promote :color red)
("d" org-demote-subtree :color red)
("D" org-do-demote :color red)
("." org-time-stamp)
("<" org-time-stamp-inactive)
("TAB" org-shifttab :color red)
("c" org-columns)
("z" org-save-all-org-buffers)
("n" nav/narrow-to-subtree)
("q" nil))
(require 'frog)
(defhydra nav/hydra/frog (:hint nil :color blue)
Frog menu
_b_: Build _p_: Preview
_P_: Push _n_: New post
_e_: Export buffer as post _E_: Export buffer as post and preview
("b" ll/frog/build)
("p" ll/frog/preview)
("P" ll/frog/push)
("n" ll/frog/new-post)
("e" ll/frog/org-export-post-md)
("E" ll/frog/export-post&preview)
("q" nil))
;; for forward-to-word and backward-to-word
(require 'misc)
(define-minor-mode nav-mode
"Toggle nav-mode.
nav-mode is a modal editing minor mode. It allows use of emacs
functions via single keystrokes while the minor mode is active.
**Note**: Do not enable and disable nav-mode directly. Use
`toggle-nav-mode' instead.
nav-mode defines the following bindings:
;; initial value
;; indicator for mode line
" Nav"
;; minor mode bindings
'( ;; ===== View control =====
((kbd "J") . ll/scroll-up-command)
((kbd "K") . ll/scroll-down-command)
;; ===== exit nav mode =====
((kbd "i") . exit-nav-modes/insert)
;; ===== point movement =====
((kbd "l") . forward-char)
((kbd "h") . backward-char)
((kbd "j") . next-line)
((kbd "k") . previous-line)
((kbd "e") . nav/end-of-line)
((kbd "a") . nav/beginning-of-line)
((kbd "w") . forward-to-word)
((kbd "b") . backward-word)
((kbd "q") . forward-sexp)
((kbd "Q") . backward-sexp)
((kbd ",") . beginning-of-buffer)
((kbd ".") . end-of-buffer)
((kbd "/") . end-of-buffer);; I often mis-press instead of .
((kbd "<") . nav/beginning-of-buffer-and-exit)
((kbd ">") . nav/end-of-buffer-and-exit)
((kbd "E") . nav/end-of-line-and-exit)
((kbd "A") . nav/end-of-line-and-exit)
((kbd "I") . nav/beginning-of-line-and-exit)
((kbd "g") . avy-goto-char-timer)
((kbd "G") . avy-goto-line)
((kbd "[") . sp-backward-barf-sexp)
((kbd "]") . sp-forward-barf-sexp)
((kbd "{") . sp-backward-slurp-sexp)
((kbd "}") . sp-forward-slurp-sexp)
;; ===== mark and point control =====
((kbd " ") . set-mark-command)
((kbd "xx") . exchange-point-and-mark)
((kbd "t") . exchange-point-and-mark)
((kbd "v") . nav/mark-pop-and-jump)
;; ===== hydra menus =====
((kbd "`") . nav/hydra/master/body)
((kbd "=") . nav/hydra/registers/body)
;; ===== text manipulation =====
((kbd "c") . nav/change-command)
((kbd "d") . nav/delete-command)
((kbd "y") . nav/copy-command)
((kbd "X") . nav/swap-yank-command)
((kbd "p") . nav/paste-after)
((kbd "P") . nav/paste-before)
((kbd "f") . nav/jump-to-char)
((kbd "F") . nav/backward-jump-to-char)
((kbd "o") . nav/open-insert-next-line)
((kbd "O") . nav/open-insert-previous-line)
((kbd "C") . [?c ?e])
((kbd "D") . [?d ?e])
((kbd "'") . quoted-insert)
;; ===== search & replace =====
((kbd "s") . isearch-forward)
((kbd "r") . isearch-backward)
((kbd "S") . query-replace)
((kbd "R") . replace-regexp)
;; ===== other =====
((kbd "u") . undo)
((kbd "xs") . save-buffer)
((kbd "z") . save-buffer)
((kbd "xf") . helm-find-files)
("x\M-f" . helm-recentf);; not using kbd syntax because doesn't work
((kbd "xb") . helm-buffers-list)
((kbd "xB") . ibuffer)
((kbd "xk") . ll-kill-this-buffer)
((kbd "xK") . ll-kill-buffer-delete-window)
("x\M-k" . ll-kill-buffer-other-window);; kbd syntax doesn't work
((kbd "xh") . mark-whole-buffer)
((kbd "xag") . inverse-add-global-abbrev);; add global abbrev
((kbd "xal") . inverse-add-mode-abbrev);; add mode abbrev
((kbd "xd") . ll-dired-this-dir)
;; ===== macros =====
((kbd "mn") . kmacro-start-macro)
((kbd "md") . kmacro-end-macro)
((kbd "me") . kmacro-end-and-call-macro)
((kbd "mb") . kmacro-bind-to-key)
((kbd "ml") . kmacro-edit-lossage);; view last keystrokes, turn into macro
((kbd "mr") . repeat);; to repeat last command
((kbd "m5") . nav/macro-5)
((kbd "m6") . nav/macro-6)
((kbd "m7") . nav/macro-7)
((kbd "m8") . nav/macro-8)
((kbd "mm") . nav/hydra/macros/body)
;; ===== org mode =====
((kbd "nb") . org-agenda)
((kbd "ni") . org-clock-in)
((kbd "no") . org-clock-out)
((kbd "nc") . org-columns)
((kbd "nt") . org-todo)
((kbd "nk") . org-cut-subtree)
((kbd "nw") . org-copy-subtree)
((kbd "nn") . nav/hydra/org/body)
((kbd "nj") . org-capture)
((kbd "n.") . org-time-stamp)
((kbd "np") . org-priority)
((kbd "nP"). org-set-property)
((kbd "nL") . org-insert-link)
((kbd "nl") . org-open-at-point);; "n l" to open org links
((kbd "ns") . org-schedule)
((kbd "nd") . org-deadline)
((kbd "nI") . org-toggle-inline-images)
((kbd "nh") . ll/org/show-current-heading-with-context)
((kbd "nms") . ll/org/insert-screenshot)
((kbd "nme") . ll/org/edit-image)
((kbd ":") . ll/org/set-tags)
;; ===== helm =====
((kbd ";") . helm-occur)
;; ===== arguments =====
((kbd "-") . [?\M--])
((kbd "1") . [?\C-1])
((kbd "2") . [?\C-2])
((kbd "3") . [?\C-3])
((kbd "4") . [?\C-4])
((kbd "5") . [?\C-5])
((kbd "6") . [?\C-6])
((kbd "7") . [?\C-7])
((kbd "8") . [?\C-8])
((kbd "9") . [?\C-9])
((kbd "0") . [?\C-0]))
:group 'nav)
;; for some reason these bindins using Alt must be defined outside the
;; map to work?
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-O") #'nav/open-next-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-RET") #'nav/open-next-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-j") #'scroll-up-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-k") #'scroll-down-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "n M-i") #'org-clock-in-last)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-q") #'nav/hydra/sexp-nav/body)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-J") #'nav/join-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-K") #'nav/join-up-line)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "nM-P") #'org-delete-property)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-r") #'ll/replace-selection)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-d") #'nav/dumb-jump-go)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "n M-l") #'ll/org/open-at-point/dired)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-H") #'sp-backward-up-sexp)
(define-key nav-mode-map (kbd "M-L") #'sp-up-sexp)
(provide 'nav-mode)
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