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# Enter into workspace docker container
alias workspace="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose exec workspace bash && cd -"
# Enter into mysql docker container
alias mysql="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose exec mysql bash && cd -"
# Enter into nginx docker container
alias nginx="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose exec nginx bash && cd -"
# Restart nginx after add a new site
alias nrestart="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose restart nginx && cd -"
# Cd to nginx sites directory
alias nsites="cd ~/Code/laradock/nginx/sites"
# Up docker containers
alias up="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose up -d mysql nginx redis workspace && cd -"
# Down docker containers
alias down="cd ~/Code/laradock && docker-compose down && cd -"
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