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#Proposed oref0 Meal Assist algorithm

Currently the oref0 OpenAPS implementation is designed to completely ignore carbs, on the assumption that carb entry will not be reliable, either in frequency or accuracy. However, when carb information is available from Bolus Wizard entries or from Nightscout, it seems we can do better than that, by using carb information as just one signal to decide whether it's safe to high-temp when the oref0 bolus snooze algorithm would otherwise choose to do nothing (and require the user to manually administer the remainder of their meal bolus as needed.

Below are some design goals and a proposed algorithm that should accomplish this. Feedback welcome!

#Design goals:

  • Assist with partial meal boluses if user enters carb amount
  • High-temp early but safely while BG is still rising
  • Do not require any assumptions about carb absorption profile

Pump Battery Change Log

  • Pump: MM 723 v2.4A
  • Looping 24/7 (nominally), running every five minutes


Battery Type n Mean Duration [hr] Standard Deviation [hr]
Energizer Ultimate Lithium 2 232.0 7.4
channemann / (A)
Last active Oct 27, 2018
Range tests of Medtronic CareLink USB Stick
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