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ManiulationDrawer demo view model and model
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
using DetailsDrawer.Annotations;
namespace DetailsDrawer.ViewModels
public class MainPageViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
private ObservableCollection<RouteStep> routeSteps;
public ObservableCollection<RouteStep> RouteSteps
get { return routeSteps ?? (routeSteps = LoadSampleSteps()); }
set { routeSteps = value; OnPropertyChanged();}
private ObservableCollection<RouteStep> LoadSampleSteps()
return new ObservableCollection<RouteStep>()
new RouteStep() {Icon = "M20,11V13H8L13.5,18.5L12.08,19.92L4.16,12L12.08,4.08L13.5,5.5L8,11H20Z", Summary = "Turn left onto Main St in 500 feet"},
new RouteStep() {Icon = "M4,11V13H16L10.5,18.5L11.92,19.92L19.84,12L11.92,4.08L10.5,5.5L16,11H4Z", Summary = "Turn right onto Broadway in 75 feet"},
new RouteStep() {Icon = "M13,20H11V8L5.5,13.5L4.08,12.08L12,4.16L19.92,12.08L18.5,13.5L13,8V20Z", Summary = "Go straight on Broadway in 1/4 mile"},
new RouteStep() {Icon = "M14.4,6H20V16H13L12.6,14H7V21H5V4H14L14.4,6M14,14H16V12H18V10H16V8H14V10L13,8V6H11V8H9V6H7V8H9V10H7V12H9V10H11V12H13V10L14,12V14M11,10V8H13V10H11M14,10H16V12H14V10Z", Summary = "Destination"}
#region INPC
public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;
protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged([CallerMemberName] string propertyName = null)
PropertyChanged?.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName));
public class RouteStep
public string Icon { get; set; }
public string Summary { get; set; }
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