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  • Zurich, Switzerland
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LauraHornbake /
Created September 19, 2013 14:04


This tool transforms a Google spreadsheet of "events" with GPS coordinates into a GeoJSON feature collection, which you can copy and use to build custom maps. See this blog post for more on why/how...

How to use it

  • Start with a Google spreadsheet with column headings: "date", "place", "city", "province", "nation", "latitude", "longitude" (*required). See: an example spreadsheet.
  • Publish the spreadsheet and make note of the key in the url.
  • Input the key in the form below and submit. The key to the example spreasheet is the default, try it out before you create your own.


  • Recommended: Check your results. Jason Sanford's GeoJSONlint validates GeoJSON.
LauraHornbake /
Last active May 9, 2017 13:07
Schedule chart

This is a d3.js powered schedule chart that shows datetime data as bars on a calendar. I designed this to visualize scheduling preferences, to easily spot the darker colored overlaps in different collaborators' preferences. Within a webapp, collaborators could select preferences, and these (sql datetime format) would be fed to the visualization. Shown here with static dummy data.