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static Type *getIRTypeFromMachineType(MVT VT, LLVMContext &Ctx) {
assert(!VT.isScalableVector() && "Not prepared to deal with scalables.");
if (VT.isVector())
return VectorType::get(
getIRTypeFromMachineType(VT.getVectorElementType(), Ctx),
if (VT.isInteger())
return IntegerType::get(Ctx, VT.getSizeInBits());
if (VT.isFloatingPoint()) {
switch (VT.SimpleTy) {
case MVT::bf16:
return Type::getBFloatTy(Ctx);
case MVT::f16:
return Type::getHalfTy(Ctx);
case MVT::f32:
return Type::getFloatTy(Ctx);
case MVT::f64:
return Type::getDoubleTy(Ctx);
case MVT::f80:
return Type::getX86_FP80Ty(Ctx);
case MVT::f128:
return Type::getFP128Ty(Ctx);
case MVT::ppcf128:
return Type::getPPC_FP128Ty(Ctx);
llvm_unreachable("unknown scalar floating-point type?");
switch (VT.SimpleTy) {
case MVT::x86mmx:
return Type::getX86_MMXTy(Ctx);
case MVT::x86amx:
return Type::getX86_AMXTy(Ctx);
llvm_unreachable("unhandled MVT scalar type!");
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