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LeotomasMC / RocketLeagueWithBM.bat
Created Sep 3, 2020
Batch script to launch Bakkes Mod and Rocket League on steam at the same time
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@echo off
tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq BakkesMod.exe" | find /i "BakkesMod.exe" >nul && (
echo BM is running
) || (
echo BM is not running
start ./BakkesMod.exe
tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq RocketLeague.exe" | find /i "RocketLeague.exe" >nul && (
echo RL is running
) || (
import random
class ingredient(object):
'''An ingredient from Breath of the Wild
name = the name of the item
typ = the main category the item is in
subtype = the sub category the item is in
sideEffect = what bonus effect the ingredient gives when cooked
hpRestored = how much HP (1/4 hearts) this item restores when eaten raw'''
def __init__(self, name, typ, subtype, sideEffect, hpRestored):
LeotomasMC /
Created Jan 1, 2019
twitch bot for twitch plays Car on a Stick
# Python 3.6+
# Reqired Modules:
import socket
import time
import random
import re
import pynput
# Code: