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5ttregrid: Re-grids a five-tissue-type (5TT) image suitable for Anatomically-Constrained Tractography (ACT) using oversampling
#include "command.h"
#include "image.h"
#include "dwi/directions/set.h"
#include "dwi/tractography/SIFT/model_base.h"
using namespace MR;
using namespace App;
void usage ()
AUTHOR = "Robert E. Smith (";
+ "re-grid a 5TT image to match a lower-resolution template image";
+ Argument ("in", "input template image").type_image_in()
+ Argument ("out", "output 5TT image") .type_image_out();
+ Option ("act", "provide the high-resolution ACT five-tissue-type segmented anatomical image ").required()
+ Argument ("image").type_image_in();
void run ()
auto in = Image<float>::open (argument[0]);
DWI::Directions::FastLookupSet dirs (1281); // dummy
DWI::Tractography::SIFT::ModelBase<DWI::Tractography::SIFT::FixelBase> model (in, dirs);
model.output_5tt_image (argument[1]);
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