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Last active Jun 16, 2022
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Art Schools

Max school length I'm looking for is two years and $60k USD total

Seems like I should grind fundamentals for the next several months then apply to places around November --> make sure that I still have $60k USD by early 2023

Common advice for pro artists is to not go to school and instead self-study, however I think they're mainly referring to mid-tier 4 year degree programs. It seems like getting to pro level via self-study will take 2-4 years of dedicated practice, so a high-quality short program like FZD essentially allows me to "pay-to-win" and exchange ~$60k for a two year shortcut. This also seems good because I save ~two years worth of living expenses


Duration 12 months, three terms of 14 weeks with 2 week breaks in between

Singapore lmao

36k USD tuition for the year + ~14k USD for rent / food

Top-tier, 90% of grads are working in entertainment design, before and after pics of student art looks insane. Every review I find says they work 16 to 20 hours a day which both sounds insane and what I'm looking for

Portfolio + entry interview --> I think I'll need several months of practice before my portfolio and foundational skills are ready

Bit tricky to find since all students have to sign an NDA

Dina: term 1, term 2, term 3

  • I've only watched the term 1 video so far
  • Term 1 courses: design sketching, digital painting, perspective, visual communication
  • Term 1 work: was surprised by how good her work was in just the first few weeks, makes me think that I have to improve a lot before I could enroll

Iris' review and description of the application process

  • Good general FAQ
  • Curriculum is very similar to what's covered in Scott Robertson's How to Draw and How to Render

Darius' review

  • Went to FZD in 2012 after completing an art undergrad in Lithuania
  • Currently lead concept artist at Gearbox
  • Artstation portfolio

I was working around 18-22hrs on weekends and 10-12hrs during the week. Classes ran from 9AM-5PM on weekdays. So 4hrs to 30mins of sleep on any given night... keep in mind it depends on your skill level. If you have some fundamentals down it’ll take less time to complete assignments.

You have 5 classes a week, so you have 5 homework assignments per week in first term. Basically if you don’t do your homework the same day you will have time issues. You have to understand this is not a typical school where you have a fixed amount of homework that takes everyone the same amount of time.

^ sounds like he wasn't great before enrolling --> reassuring that entry requirements aren't insane + the quality of the program

Haven't gone through yet
Alex's review

  • Concept artist at Ubisoft Montreal, working on CoD

Impressions from someone who visited the studio and talked to students there

Tyrellz's vlogs

  • Just finished term 1

Term 1 of Design School finished

  • Getting enough sleep is an issue for most people, many people only sleep for 4 to 6 hours a night due to the workload
  • 16 to 20 hours of work a day
  • You will be tired all the time
  • Not able to contact teachers outside of class time, limited time for questions during class since classes have ~20 people. Teacher and peer critiques are frequent
  • 14 minutes in, listen to as podcast later

The covid situation seems to be getting better. A while ago they stopped the requirement of having to wear masks outdoors and allow for bigger groups to dine in together again, no more 4 people limits and such.

The macbook pro, honestly dude I wouldn't get that. I saved about $1,000 and got an equally strong windows laptop, and it seems like theres a bit of software that doesn't work on it, but honestly that depends on the person.

Food costs, you can easily get really nice meals for about 8 SGD at hawker centers, but the downside to this is the time that it takes to walk to them at times. Depends on location, but next to the school where I live, i can take a 5-10min walk and get a nice meal for 8 SGD easily.

Transport is pretty cheap too, I think around 2 SGD per tap on the bus or train. Since I live close to the school i don't need to take a bus or train, real short walk

Syn Studio Duration: 18 months Location: Montreal Cost: 28k USD total + rent / food Quality: Similar to FZD, need to research more Reviews: find 'em

CMU \ Listing here since my gf goes to CMU

Common criticism of art at CMU is that it's more focused on the conceptual side of art than the actual craft. Visiting non-degree is too expensive (6k per course) given that I care more about the craft of art

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