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Perl script that uploads backup files to cloud storage using rclone, removes backups older then 1 week.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# example hook script for vzdump (--script option)
use strict;
print "HOOK: " . join (' ', @ARGV) . "\n";
my $phase = shift;
if ($phase eq 'job-start' ||
$phase eq 'job-end' ||
$phase eq 'job-abort') {
my $dumpdir = $ENV{DUMPDIR};
my $storeid = $ENV{STOREID};
print "HOOK-ENV: dumpdir=$dumpdir;storeid=$storeid\n";
if ($phase eq 'job-end') {
system ("rclone delete --config /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf --min-age 1w -v -v googlecrypt:dump/") == 0 ||
die "Deleting old backups failed";
} elsif ($phase eq 'backup-start' ||
$phase eq 'backup-end' ||
$phase eq 'backup-abort' ||
$phase eq 'log-end' ||
$phase eq 'pre-stop' ||
$phase eq 'pre-restart' ||
$phase eq 'post-restart') {
my $mode = shift; # stop/suspend/snapshot
my $vmid = shift;
my $vmtype = $ENV{VMTYPE}; # lxc/qemu
my $dumpdir = $ENV{DUMPDIR};
my $storeid = $ENV{STOREID};
my $hostname = $ENV{HOSTNAME};
# tarfile is only available in phase 'backup-end'
my $tarfile = $ENV{TARFILE};
# logfile is only available in phase 'log-end'
my $logfile = $ENV{LOGFILE};
print "HOOK-ENV: vmtype=$vmtype;dumpdir=$dumpdir;storeid=$storeid;hostname=$hostname;tarfile=$tarfile;logfile=$logfile\n";
# example: copy resulting backup file to another host using scp
if ($phase eq 'backup-end') {
system ("rclone move -v --config /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf $tarfile googlecrypt:/dump") == 0 ||
die "move tar file to backup-host failed";
# example: copy resulting log file to another host using scp
if ($phase eq 'log-end') {
system ("rclone copy --config /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf $logfile googlecrypt:/dump") == 0 ||
die "copy log file to backup-host failed";
} else {
die "got unknown phase '$phase'";
exit (0);
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