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After finishing bootcamp I made a conscious decision not to attempt to learn a whole new language or framework but to focus on practicing those with which I am already somewhat familiar. Well, it's been a few weeks and I have been diligently coding away in JS and using React and building a Python/Flask database but I was getting cravings for that feeling of learning something totally brand new. The progress made in the very first few days of really knuckling down and trying to get to grips with a new language is so quick that it is very edifying. Especially as nice and friendly a language as I have discovered Ruby to be.

I have a done little solo crash course over the last two days and am happy to have got very comfortably to the rock, paper, scissors (or cat, dog, human) level. I'm enjoying how explicit the OO-ness (object orientatedness in case that wasn't clear!) of Ruby is compared to JavaScript.

I will now be setting myself a slightly more tricky challenge so that I can get a proper handle on the difference between procs and lambdas and such. Haven't decided exactly what yet but watch this space!

And just in case it wasn't obvious:

human > dog dog > cat cat > human

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