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scala 2.11.12
sbt 0.13.18
launched with scala 2.11.12 on the path
All works fine when build is set for scala 2.10 in sbt
A test project using same env and sbt for scala 2.11 works fine, with scalatest and scalacheck and many same dependencies
Pruned build to leaf modules (that work) in the main build + first module where it fails
config has no tests, so is fine
LouisJB / gist:1688bb14a46f00d4cbf2
Last active Aug 29, 2015
basic haskell randoms and io
View gist:1688bb14a46f00d4cbf2
module Main( main ) where
import System.Environment
import System.Random
import Text.Printf
import Control.Monad
data Player = PlayerA | PlayerB
deriving (Show, Eq)