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Arduino / Bluefruit to OpenFrameworks
int lightPin = 0; //define a pin for Photo resistor
int light; // variable that holds input value from sensor.
//This will be mapped from 0 - 255 so it can be send as a Byte for OF to recieve
int bytesToSend[2]; //Array that hold the values you will be sending to OF
void setup()
Serial.begin(9600); //Begin serial communcation
Serial.print("a"); // Initializes serial by sending an "a" that OF reads so it opens its serial communication
void loop()
light = analogRead(lightPin); // assigning sensor value to value variable
bytesToSend[0] = map(light, 0,800,0,255); // mapping so information can be sent as Byte
//& declaring that the first value in the array is going to be the sensor value "light"
bytesToSend[1] = 0; // This is just to show that you can send multiple inputs
if (Serial.available() > 0) { // IF OF sends flag i.e. "a" run the for Loop
for(int i = 0; i < 2 ; i++){ // loops through the Bytes Array
Serial.write(bytesToSend[i]); // When using Serial Write you are sending the Info as a Byte which is needed to send info to OF
// This means this info won't appear in your arduino serial viewer
//Serial.print(bytesToSend[i]); //Use print to view your values in the Arduino serial Port
//Serial1 is used when using the Micro Arduino
Serial.print("\r\n"); //Not sure if neccessary for OF but makes your Ardunio Serial port scroll so you know it is sending the Info
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