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Newly elected RO of The Nineteenth Byte, Code Golf's main room. I like recursion (return to the beginning of the sentence now).
My Wiki
If you feel like you want to do something new and interesting, then, like me, you're a nerd.
I've always been interested in computers. I didn't really have a computer of my own until I was 10. Until I was 14, I didn't know what the internet was. I didn't have an email until I was 17.
My first program was a calculator program, back in 5th or 6th grade. It was written in BASIC, and I had to use a cheat-sheet to figure out how to add two numbers. (I was using a TI-83 at the time, so it was numeric.)
I was introduced to "real" programming in 7th grade. I was taught Pascal. I was taught the basics, and how to make a simple game, and how to draw a simple shape. Our teacher made a game where you were a small square that was chased by a big square. It was pretty fun. I learned how to draw an ellipse, and then my teacher wrote a program where the big square was chasing you while you were an ellipse, and you had to avoid it.
I didn't actually learn how to use a computer until I was in 8th grade. I was one of the only kids in my school who didn't know how to use computers. I was mostly self-taught up until that point.
I started playing around with the internet in middle school. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that it was different from the internet that I knew. I had a little bit of experience with HTML, and I started making sites. I made a site where I would post a number, and a username, and the number would be the next number that the person had to guess. I made a site where you could play the game "20 Questions." I made a site that would send you a message once a year on your birthday. I made a site where you could send me a message, and I would reply. I made a site where you could see how many emails you had in the inbox. I made a site where you could send me an email, and I would reply. I made a site where you could send me a message, and I would reply.
I learned how to make a website using HTML in middle school. I started a site called "The Gay Nineties," which was a site made to show off my programming skills, and to make fun of a guy who was picking on me in school. I made a page to show off my art skills, where I would make funny pictures. I made a page where I would post the dialogues of the characters from the Simpsons. I made a page where I would post random stuff, like a list of what I had eaten that day.
I started playing around with PHP in middle school. I made a site where you could do a quiz, and then you would get a grade. You would have to guess the answer. You had to type the answer in a box.
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PyGamer0 commented Jun 25, 2021

what on earth? it seems like you copied his entire bio

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