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It's a regional dialect

Lyxal Lyxal

It's a regional dialect
  • ‏ɹ‏‏ǝ‏‏p‏‏u‏‏n ‏u‏ʍ‏‏‏o‏‏p‏ ‏p‏‏u‏‏ɐ‏‏l ‏ǝ‏‏‏ɥ‏‏‏ʇ‏ • ‏ɐ‏‏ᴉ‏‏l‏‏ɐ‏‏ɹ‏‏ʇ‏‏s‏‏n‏‏∀‏
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Last active Aug 13, 2020 — forked from anonymous/
><> python interpreter.
Python interpreter for the esoteric language ><> (pronounced /ˈfɪʃ/).
Usage: ./ --help
More information:
Requires python 2.7/3.2 or higher.
import sys