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Mauro Mandracchia M3kH

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Last active Sep 10, 2021
I read up a little on performance optimization for the Raspberry Pi, and gathered the links before they disappear from my short term memory.

Raspberry Pi general optimization

  • Use a class 10 SD card for best speed. The USB bus can't come much higher than 30MB/s so you don't have to buy any extremely fast ones though. Not all cards are compatible, check the compatibility list:
  • Use the HardFloat version of Raspbian instead of the SoftFloat. HF has much faster floating point operations - however SF is required for running Java. So it's either Java or performance, like normal.
  • The official Raspbian image gives low network speeds:
  • A graphics driver by Simon / teh_orph is using hardware acceleration for some instructions: installation instructions:
  • The firmware can be upgraded which gives, among other things, better GPU performance.