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Software Development Project Management Related Information

Super long requirements document which is just not feasible for small scale projects with a single developer or even a small team. It would take more time to gather the information for this document than to complete some projects.

Shorter example from Confluence (bitbucket/atlassian) - Don't have real problems with the structure of the requirements but I know from working with their software, it isn't very easy to work with to produce useful documentation. Which makes me leary of using them as a reference.

Wikipedia page which is an overview for business project requirements. Can extract some basic attributes from this to use as a starting point but does little to answer today's question of how to quickly create project requirements for a small project.

Stack Overflow reference , has a sample :

Of course there's an IEEE spec for this :

Software requirements specification IEEE 830

Will just copy the example over :

System overview[disambiguation needed]

Overall description

Product perspective
    System Interfaces
    User interfaces
    Hardware interfaces
    Software interfaces
    Communication Interfaces
    Memory Constraints
Design constraints
    Site Adaptation Requirements
Product functions
User characteristics
Constraints, assumptions and dependencies

Specific requirements

External interface requirements
Functional requirements
Performance requirements
Logical database requirement
Software System attributes

Agile Requirements Modeling - again probably more information than necessary.

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