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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Floor current dateTime to influence the Last-Modified header. Header widgets will only be loaded from server every 15 minutes. Reduces server load when the requested content needs to be generated.
function foor15Min(t) {
var roundedMinutes = INT(minute(t) / 15 ) * 15;
return CreateDateTime(year(t), month(t), day(t), hour(t),roundedMinutes,0)
<CFHEADER NAME="Cache-Control" VALUE="public, max-age=900">
<CFHEADER NAME="Last-Modified" VALUE="#LSDateFormat(#foor15Min( DateConvert( 'Local2UTC', now() ) )#, 'ddd, dd mmm yyyy')# #LSTimeFormat(#foor15Min( DateConvert( 'Local2UTC', now() ) )#, 'HH:mm:ss')# GMT">
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