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Last active Dec 29, 2020
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By using DayStride you agree to the following privacy policy

Privacy Policy

By using DayStride, you agree to the following privacy policy.

What information is stored?

When you use d!suggest your username and tag will be shown in the support server.

When you setup a starboard channel for your guild, the guild id and the channel id and the messages that go there are stored in the database

When you add the bot to a server or remove it from a server, we can see the guild name and id.

If you setup a custom prefix for the bot on your server, the guild id and the prefix will be sorted in our database.

We don't store any other information about the users.

If you have any other questions about anything else, make sure to join The DayStride Support Server

Why we store this information and how do we use it.

The information is stored in order to provide you with badges

The muted data is stored in order to keep you muted temporaraly and to re-apply your mute if you leave and re-join the server.

Who gets this information?

If you suggest anything, the whole server can see your username and tag. But if you get muted, The detailed information is only visible to Moderators and Administrators, and if you setup a starboard channel only the developers can see it in the database.

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users.

This policy was last updated December 29th, 2020.

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