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Patch to get Magento 1.9 working with >= PHP 7.0.0 RC 6

Patch using method below or if you don't want to patch a core file, see this Magento extension that does the same thing but correctly overrides the core file:

# run in magento root directory

# one-liner to apply patch using wget
wget -qO- '' | patch -p0

# one-liner to apply patch using curl
curl -s '' | patch -p0

# ...easier to read

# to apply with wget
wget -qO- $PATCH_URL | patch -p0

# ...or with curl
curl -s $PATCH_URL | patch -p0

# to revert using wget  
wget -qO- $PATCH_URL | patch -p0 -R

# ...or revert using curl  
curl -s $PATCH_URL | patch -p0 -R


--- app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Layout.php
+++ app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Layout.php
@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@
$out = '';
if (!empty($this->_output)) {
foreach ($this->_output as $callback) {
- $out .= $this->getBlock($callback[0])->$callback[1]();
+ $out .= $this->getBlock($callback[0])->{$callback[1]}();

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navarr commented Nov 16, 2015

Is there a Magento2 PR for this fix yet?


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franciskim commented May 13, 2016

Very cool. And I suppose it works with PHP 7.0.6.

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