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KOTOR 1 Bug List
If you complete Korriban before getting Dustil's quest, he doesn't spawn
Carth talks about being left out of the loop as soon as you've gotten the star map on Dantooine, instead of waiting until after you've met with the council again.
If you don't talk to HK-47 during the post-leviathan scene, his "stimuli" is never triggered.
If you kill Dustil while looking for proof, Carth will continue looking for proof instead of realizing that Dustil is dead
Some Jedi are visible in the cutscene where Malak sends the battle droids after the Jedi
When jumping to the Ebon Hawk while wearing the Sand People disguise, it is unequipped (equip clothing instead)
When moving to different modules while wearing the Sand People disguise, it no longer works at the enclave
Dak when in the Korriban Cantina respawns after dying every time you leave and return (You must speak to him with Juhani in your party for him to go to the cantina)
Sometimes Xor doesn't initiate his dialog if he is killed before his friends
If anyone is stealthed during the end of Leviathan, at the post leviathan scene it freezes the dialog, or glitches because they haven't come back out of stealth mode
Making it to where Bastila gives all four post-vision speeches would be nice, and allows you to view any of the visions after the fourth, and not just the first three (the game expects you to beat each planet as soon as you land on it, so if you visit the fourth planet before getting the third Star Map, you have the vision and then just spawn in front of her; it evidently expects her to already be captured by that point. Likewise, if you ask her to show you the vision again, she won't be able to show the fourth) K1R has this fix
Security Spikes don't work
In the cutscene before going to the Taris Swoop Track, when the Hidden Bek comes to get you, your PC doesn't play an idle animation
Adding Zaalbar to the party right after leaving the Hawk on Kashyyyk may cause Carth's dialog to trigger incorrectly.
Several Twi'leks in the first apartments on Taris, as well as Janice with droids are wearing combat suits instead of clothing
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