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fix to set your steam country code / flag back to none.
/* setting your country code / country flag back to none.
go to:
open console (chrome f12)
paste the below request.
$ ""+g_rgProfileData.steamid+"/edit/", {
sessionID: g_sessionID,
type: "profileSave",
weblink_1_title: "",
weblink_1_url: "",
weblink_2_title: "",
weblink_2_url: "",
weblink_3_title: "",
weblink_3_url: "",
personaName: g_rgProfileData.personaname,
real_name: $J("input[name=real_name]").val(),
customURL: g_rgProfileData.url.split('/')[4],
country: "",
state: "",
city: "",
summary: $J("textarea[name=summary]").val(),
json: 1
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