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Last active Sep 9, 2020
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How to use the Waifu TCG of NepNepBot

Da Rules

First things first: If you enjoy the Bot, please read the Rules. They are posted in the #rules Channel on the Discord.

As a short version:

  1. Don't be an asshole
  2. Use your brain
  3. Do not cheat or use alts

How to use the Waifu TCG of NepNepBot

Welcome to this Guide, my Name is Marenthyu. Since you are here, i suppose you have heard of the Waifu TCG in our Bot and want to use it properly.

The NepDoc

Community Member xorhash has put in a lot of effort to combine a lot of information about the Bot in the NepDoc - it's a lot more in depth and in my (Marenthyu) opinion a lot more high quality than this Help Gist. It is now maintained by the Waifu TCG Team. If you are left wondering about something or are simply curious, do check it out here. It'll most likely be able to answer almost all questions, but may require multiple reads as it is really in-depth.

Thanks again for originally making it, xorhash!


In our Waifu TCG, you collect cards of Waifus and are able to trade them with others, imagine it like the Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, just with pretty Waifus.

Every Waifu comes with a set of information:

  • Their Name
  • The Series they are from
  • A Link to an Image showing her
  • A "Rarity" or "Tier"
  • A unique ID from our database

Whenever you see a Waifu, it will either be listed with all of the above information or just their ID.

Aside from the Waifus themselves, you also have some Points, which you atuomatically get by being in one of the chats the TCG is active in. Just be there, you will get a few Points just by being active in chat! Other than that, you can get points by "disenchanting" your Waifus. This especially comes in handy when you reach your limit, of initially 7 Waifus you can have "on your Hand" at any given time - though this number may be increased with hand upgrades you (mainly) receive by buying packs!

That is the basic gist, but to use it, you will have to interact with the Bot using commands. Here's the list of all of the commands available, with some examples for complex commands a little further down.


Command Arguments Explanation
!checkhand [verbose] Shows you all of your currently owned waifus with all of their information, posts a link to view in chat unless you provide "verbose" which will whisper a full list to you directly.
!points Shows you your current points and pudding
!search <name> Searches for a Waifu by name.
!search <name> from <series> Searches for a Waifu whose name includes the text you provide from a series whose name includes the text you provide.
!lookup <id> Looks up information of a Waifu by looking up its id.
!freebie Gives you a free waifu, card or booster pack! (22h cooldown)
!disenchant <id> Disenchant a Waifu from your hand, giving you points in return
!buy <rarity> Buys a random waifu from the given rarity by spending 5x its disenchant value
!booster buy <standard/jumbo/super/premium/ultimate> Buys a Booster Pack of the type you pick. In general, the more expensive the pack, the better the odds are of good cards. However, Jumbo packs are just Standard packs with more cards at once.
!booster show Shows you your currently open booster, in case you missed it
!booster select <disenchant/keep> <disenchant/keep> ... Selects the Waifus from a bought Booster Pack to keep and disenchant (example below)
!booster trash Shorthand for disenchanting a whole pack at once regardless of how many cards are in it.
!booster list Shows you all available booster packs and how many points they cost; occasionally, there are seasonal ones, so stay vigilant!
!trade <player> <yourWaifuID> <theirWaifuID> Offers to trade a waifu from your hand for a waifu they have (example below)
!trade check <player> Checks if you have an offer from a certain player
!trade <accept/decline> <player> accepts or declines a trade from a certain player.
!trade cancel <player> Cancels a trade you've sent to another player.
!trade list Lists all players that you have currently sent trades to or received trades from.
!whisper Checks if you are following the Bot and sends a test whisper if it can.
!redeem <token> Redeems a voucher/token, giving you the associated Points and/or waifus. (Used for giveaways)
!upgrade [buy] Checks your current hand limit and tells you how much more pack spending you will need to do before your next slot. If the buy parameter is present and you have sufficient points, it will upgrade your hand by 1 slot immediately, at the cost of not actually getting the packs contents.
!nepleave Makes the bot leave your channel. You'll need help from an admin to get it back; don't use this as a joke.
!bet <time> Lets you enter a guess in a time guessing game run by the channel owner, if one is going on. Time should be in the format h:mm:ss.[ms] e.g. 1:23:45.678. Milliseconds are optional, the rest isn't.
!bet open Starts a new time prediction contest in your own channel.
!bet start Closes entries to the current time prediction contest and starts the timer.
!bet end Ends the timer and determines the winners of the time prediction contest.
!bet status View the status of the current prediction contest going on in a channel, if any.
!bounty <id> <amount> Place a new bounty on a certain waifu, taking up 1 of your hand spaces. If that waifu is ever disenchanted while you have the highest value bounty on them, they will be added to your hand instead of being deleted for real.
!bounty check <id> See the bounties placed on a particular waifu ID.
!bounty list See your own active bounties.
!bounty cancel <id> Cancel a bounty you currently have active on a particular waifu ID.
!nepcord Get the link to the "official" Waifu TCG Discord server.
!profile [favourite <id>] [description <new description>] Get a link to your profile; Use favourite and description to change the details on your profile. Your Badges are also listed here!
!godimage request <id> <link> Request a new image for your (promoted) God card
!godimage list List pending image changes for your God cards
!godimage cancel <id> Cancel an image request for a God card
!freepacks Show your free pack entitlements
!freepacks open <packname> Open one of your free packs
!pudding Show the amount of pudding you have
!pudding list Shows you all available booster packs and how many pudding they cost
!pudding booster <packname> Buys a booster pack with pudding
!sets Gives you the link to the sets page on the website to see your current set progress / claimed sets.
!sets claim Attempts to claim all sets that you own the full list of cards for. When you claim a set successfully you receive a small reward in pudding and a badge.
!sets checkid <set name> Gives you the ID number for a given set name. Said ID number is only useful for the set badge image change command.
!setbadge request <id> <link> Request a new image for the badge of a set that you were the first one to claim.
!setbadge list List pending image changes for your set badges
!setbadge cancel <id> Cancel an image request for a set badge
!sendpoints <username> <amount> <reason> Initiate a request to send points to another player. You will have to confirm every request before it goes through.

Disenchant Values

Every Waifu has a disenchant value in points, which you get when you disenchant it. Any waifu can exist at its base rarity or above an unlimited amount of times, unless it is promo or special rarity. Waifu rarities are subject to change at any time, but if the base rarity of a waifu in your hand decreases, your copy will remain unaffected.

Rarity Value
common 5
uncommon 10
rare 50
super 250
ultra 1000
legendary 2500
mythical 6000
god* 15000
special 0 (only obtainable through vouchers)
promo 0 (like special, but not unique to one person)

Note: Very few waifus have God as their base rarity. Those that do are only variants of other waifus with a non-God version.

Buying Booster Packs

To get more Waifus quickly, you can buy Booster Packs. There are several kinds of booster packs - the current ones are called Standard, Jumbo, Super, Premium and Ultimate. While all Waifus can drop from even a standard pack, more expensive Boosters have highly increased drop chances and guarantee that you get better cards in certain cases.

To open a booster, you need to first buy it. You do so by typing something along the lines of !booster buy standard or !booster buy super, depending on which one you want. Once bought, you will see which waifus you dropped from it and can then select which you want to keep and which to immediately disenchant. Remember, you can only have a certain number of Waifus at any given time, so choose wisely!

After buying a Booster Pack, the Bot will give you a link so you can check out the Waifus you dropped. There, you'll be able to tick those you want to keep, which will generate the command you can then use to keep the waifus you selected and disenchant the rest. Easy, isn't it?

The current recommended pack to get each rarity most cost-effectively is as follows:

Rarity Pack
common standard/jumbo
uncommon standard/jumbo
rare super
super super (standard/jumbo/premium are okay)
ultra premium (super/ultimate are okay)
legendary premium/ultimate
mythical ultimate
god any (good luck)


If you think your waifu is worth more than her base rarity, why not promote her? Promotion follows a simple formula where gathering 2 cards at a particular rarity will replace them with a single copy of the same card but at the next rarity up. This can be stacked until you hit the highest rarity, so gathering 4 total will get a copy two rarities up from base and so on. The only exception is that to promote from mythical to god rarity you need three instead of two, since God is the final and most exclusive rarity.


What would a TCG be without trading? (well, Hearthstone. But let's ignore that.) So, of course, you can trade your Waifus with other viewers! Just simply type !trade <player> <yourwaifu> <theirwaifu> where is the ID of the Waifu you want to give the other viewer and the id of the Waifu you want from the other viewer. After that, the other player can use !trade accept <yourname>. If you want to trade waifus of different rarities, the user with the lower rarity card will have to pay the other user the disenchant value difference between the cards to accept the trade. This is done to keep our economy Fair.


Bets are a game run by channel owners who have NepNepBot. They open bets for a certain speedrun category, viewers predict what time they will get, and then the streamer actually does the run. Participants in the bet will be rewarded with free booster pack redeems based on how well they guess the streamer's time if/when the bet is "paid out" by a member of staff. The streamer themselves will also receive some bonus points for the time they put in.

Streamers can use !bet open to open a new bet for people to enter times, !bet start when they start the run and !bet end when they reach the endgoal. Viewers can use !bet HH:MM:SS.MS to enter a bet when bets are open in a particular channel. The hours, minutes and seconds are required, but milliseconds are optional. Bets pay out in pudding, a secondary currency. You can use the !pudding command to show your pudding and buy boosters with pudding.


Badges are the new hawt thing in town - they spice up your profile and show your dedication to the TCG. They are rarely handed out for special occurences and whenever you complete a set. It currently is a manual process, but we might automate it in the future. Until then, hold your eyes open to collect them! (Maybe It's a secret to everybody how to get a few)

Streamlabs Alerts

If you are using Streamlabs alerts and want to have ultra and above card drops be announced with an on-screen alert, you can configure the bot to do so!

First, make sure you are following the Bot, then type !alerts setup and the Bot will whisper you a link to authorize the Waifu TCG with Streamlabs. This will add a token to our Database, signalling you want to receive alerts. There is currently no way to reset this token, so if you deauthorize the Application on Streamlabs, but later decide you want it again, you will have to contact an admin to manually reset your token!

Upon successful authorization, an alert will be sent through Streamlabs' Donation alerts. Afterwards, you are free to configure a different 'channel' for the alerts, as well as customize the Sound that gets played as well as the length of the alert being displayed. to do so, use the !alerts config <name> <value> command. The following config options may be set with this command:

Config Name Example Value Explanation
alertChannel donation, host, subscription, follow Sets the Streamlabs "channel" through which the alert is being sent. This means the alert will not be displayed, if you do not have an alert set up for the corresponding category.
defaultSound Link to a music file which gets played by the streamlabs alert by default. Preferably .ogg, though any file formats Streamlabs supports may be used.
defaultLength 14000 The default length in Milliseconds, describing the length the alert will be visible
rarity<num>Sound see above The Link to a music file, as above, which gets Played when a specific rarity card drops. Valid nums: 4, 5, 6, 7 (for ultra through god respectively)
rarity<num>Length see above The length in Milliseconds for secific rarity Drops. See above.
color rarity Sets the color of the special words in the alert to be the rarity's representative color instead of the one configured on your streamlabs dashboard

To test your configs or alerts in general, you can type !alerts test [rarity] to send a test alert with all your config values applied. Rarity should be a whole, positive number.

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Marenthyu commented Sep 11, 2017

Changelog 11/09/17:

  • Super boosters have had their odds reworked to be more like the original intention. Legendaries and Gods are quite a bit harder to get, Ultras are a little harder to get, but regular rares and Super Rares are a bit more common. You'll see far fewer 5x uncommon packs (down by about 70%)
  • Cost of a super booster is "back" to 1000 (they were up to 2000 for about a day to temporarily balance out the messed up odds)
  • In general open standard boosters if you want a common or uncommon or Super boosters if you want an Ultra or up. Both are about the same for Rare/SuperRare cards.
  • Opening boosters and disenchanting everything is intended to lose you points over time, you gain points from activity and spend them on boosters. This has been balanced to be about the same loss rate for both Standard and Super boosters, though Super boosters are still a bit "riskier"

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Marenthyu commented Sep 23, 2017

Changelog 24/09/17:

  • Added "special" rarity and !redeem explanation

Copy link

Marenthyu commented Oct 5, 2017

Changelog 05/10/17:

  • Acquired the Domain and changed all links to point to that instead of
  • Changed cgi scripts to nodejs modules - WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!
  • Changed the hand check script to accept any user name, for simplicity
  • Removed Herobrine

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Marenthyu commented Oct 9, 2017

Changelog 09/10/17:

  • Added a discord webhook, which posts ultra and above waifus to zfreshpinoy's and Marenthyu's discord
  • Added the !upgrade command so you can finally have more than 7 waifus!

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Marenthyu commented Oct 10, 2017

Changelog 10/10/17:

  • Quietly added ultimate packs

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Marenthyu commented Oct 23, 2017

Changelog 23/10/17:

  • Added !search
  • Added info on who has the given waifu to !lookup
  • All drops (from boosters and !freewaifu) are now tracked
  • Users are now partially tracked by twitchIDs, so you can rename yoruself without losing anything! (Old accounts with duplicate twitch IDs have been purged. Contact Marenthyu if you lost anything.)
  • Re-Added Herobrine

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Marenthyu commented Oct 26, 2017

Changelog 26/10/17:

  • the bot will now announce that it should get modded when the bot gets restarted if it is not yet modded
  • Changed the trading system to be "fair" - you now have to pay the user with the higher rarity card a fee to be able to trade different rarity cards. (You can not additionally trade points for cards of the same rarity.)

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Marenthyu commented Oct 31, 2017

Changelog 31/10/2017:

  • The bot will now respond to all whispers it receives as if it had received that message in your channel
  • Removed Herobrine

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Marenthyu commented Nov 10, 2017

Changelog 10/11/2017:

  • Made stability improvements, thanks to @Dabomstew
  • Fixed a couple typos

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Dabomstew commented Nov 12, 2017

Changelog 12/11/2017:

  • !disenchant now accepts multiple IDs at once for fast hand clearing
  • Added some shorthand syntax for !booster select:
    • !booster select [d/k][d/k] for disenchant/keep e.g. !booster select kdddd to keep 1 card and disenchant the other 4 from a super pack
    • !booster select disenchantall [or deall for quicker typing] to disenchant all regardless of pack size

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Marenthyu commented Nov 24, 2017

Changelog 24/11/2017:

  • Made Streamlabs alerts customizable
  • Thanked zfresh for giving Maren Sona

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Marenthyu commented Nov 27, 2017

Changelog 26-27/11/2ß17:

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Marenthyu commented Feb 12, 2018

Uuuuuuhhhh... changelog? what's that?
Basically, read the up-to-date version and join the discord. all stuff is announced and managed there.

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Marenthyu commented Feb 13, 2018

Also, listen to the Magic Key.
It may drag and drop you a solution.

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